When Coffee Met Tea…

Dear everyone,

Acacia & Olivia here, and welcome to the very first edition of Coffee Tea Travels! The two of us are very excited to share this project with you.

It all started one morning on a typical Singaporean Saturday, in one of the cafes at the hipster enclave of Duxton Hill. We were engaging in the nation’s favourite pastime: lazy weekend brunch. The café was packed, and the air was thick with the fragrant smell of coffee and a cacophony of conversations. The crowd was a mix of chattering groups of friends, expats, and (self-proclaimed) foodies Instagramming their food.

In all the hubbub, we ended up talking about our travels. A had an upcoming trip to Seoul, and O who just came back from the K-pop capital was sharing all the important tips: learn how to read Hangul, beware of angry ahjummas on the subway, eat Mabongnim Tteokbokki…

After half an hour of travel talk, we realised that between the two of us, we’ve done quite some traveling and amassed quite some stories of the places we’ve been to, complete with a bank of pictures we’re quite proud of. So why not share by starting a travel blog?

More than that, there are also SO many places we have yet (and would love!) to travel to. We’d love to build a Coffee Tea Travels community and find like-minded people through this blog – to inspire us, trade stories & tips with, and you know, be our local guide when we get to visit São Paolo one day. And well, there’s also that chance we might just get famous and become celebrities 😉

We are very much aware that it’s 2015 and there are probably more travel blogs than there are McDonald’s in the world. (Okay no maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get what we mean…) But we also know that we have our own voice. We promise there won’t be any of those cheesy “here’s why you should be a hipster and couchsurf solo through Europe in your 20s” articles (which A particularly hates – but that’s a story for another day).

Our kind of traveling is practical and oh-so-doable for everyone. We want to say that the kind of life where you travel 24/7 because you’re a full-on travel blogger, or simply a true-blue nomad, or whatever, is probably awesome, but the reality is most of us still have 9-to-5 jobs and bills to worry about. And it’s perfectly okay to stay put, and not forsake all and jump on the next available flight to Bangalore. We can all still travel and enjoy the best of what the world has to offer, just in a more realistic and practical kind of way.

So if we don’t travel all the time… how to actually have a travel blog? Well, that’s where our community comes in. Expect stories by our friends and other travellers to pop up in Coffee Tea Travels – each with their own unique take on a destination, and awesome photos to boot.

You know what the African proverb says – if you want to go quickly, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. We plan to travel the world with this blog, and so we’ve decided to do this together. Visit this page if you want to read more about us and the blog!

We hope are quite sure you’ll like what you find here. It’ll be awesome if you keep reading, and come join the Coffee Tea Travels community as we travel the world one cup at a time!

Cheers, Olivia & Acacia.


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  1. I love your blog. I’m following this blog and don’t forget to hop on over to mine! Looking forward to sharing travels with you guys!