Review: The New Black, Singapore

I was on my way to work when I saw this bright & cool-looking shop at the corner of Upper Circular Road. I didn’t know what it was initially, but luckily I was quick enough to take note of the shop’s name – The New Black.

Curious to find out about this place, I quickly took out my phone and started typing “The New Black” on Google search. But the top results for this keyword were as such…

The new black – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Urban Dictionary: the new black

Orange is a new black season 3 spoilers (what?!)

Meh. So disappointing. But I tweaked the search keywords around, and voilà! I finally found a few posts on this place. Apparently, The New Black is a multiroaster modular cafe concept. Get ready, you are about to find out what makes The New Black different from other cafes! 😉

After reading some of the reviews, I got TOO excited about this place. I immediately texted a few people about The New Black – my future bro-in-law (who is a coffeeholic!) and A (told her I could blog about it ;)) were the first two!.

Being a coffee addict, my future bro-in-law knew about The New Black and apparently had already visited the cafe. I was like, “What?? He doesn’t even live in Singapore and this cafe has only been around for 2 months!! How could he know about it and I didn’t, when it’s located pretty close to my office?!?!” xD.

According to him, The New Black is really cool and what’s even better is that they have coffee beans curated from around the world! Sounds pretty awesome, eh?

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I decided to give it a try on that day itself. It was a slowww Monday anyway so it was the puuurrrrfecttt time to get my coffee fix! 😀

A brief overview about The New Black – it’s run by a design company so it’s no surprise that the whole place is so well-designed! 😉

Review: The New Black Coffee, Singapore

The New Black
The New Black uses ModBar Espresso system so that’s why you only see the taps on top of the table! They also have the steampunk machines 🙂

The place isn’t spacious and the design of this cafe is simple but bold – as you can see from the choice of colours.

The moment you step into the cafe, you will immediately see a workstation (see pic above), a hugeee lightbox graphic on the left side of the workstation, a couple of steel/silvery benches and a standing counter for you to enjoy your coffee. Be prepared to be served by baristas in chef-inspired striking-orange jackets! I did mention this place is pretty cool, didn’t I? 😉

The New Black

The Coffee Menu! They have black and white and you can choose your preferred beans as well! 🙂

Just like any other cafes, The New Black also offers espresso coffee and brewed coffee. What’s different would be the kind of coffee beans that you get to try at The New Black. You get to choose beans from coffee roasters in Singapore, Melbourne and even all the way from London! For their brewed coffee, they use steampunk mod. Not a lot of cafes in SG are using this – only Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters and Dutch Colony Coffee!

Price-wise, it ranges from $5 up to a whopping $18 (excluding GST)!

Click here if you want to check out their complete menu (they do serve tea and croissant as well :)).

The New Black
The cool cup! Wait till you see the lid!

My Order – Alicia Valencia

I ordered Latte and chose the “Alicia Valencia – Columbia” beans as I didn’t want my coffee to be too strong. If you like strong coffee, you should try Sermon, Brazil – no. 1 on the list!

The “Alicia Valencia” beans is $7 (exc. GST), so in the end I paid around $8 – probably the most expensive coffee I’ve ever paid for!

And FYI, they only accept CARDS!! NO cash due to hygiene purposes!! Another interesting point about this place as other shops usually accept cash only and not cards! x)

The New Black
My latte in the making! <3

The New Black

The New Black
My coffee cup! It’s cool, isn’t it??? 😀

So how’s the coffee?

I like it actually! It was not sour and not too strong as well, so taste-wise I find it just right for my liking. BUT somehow I feel that the coffee was a lil bit too watery? Not sure if it’s just me or others find it that way too!

Nonetheless, I’ll still recommend this place if you are looking for a hip coffee place that offers a variety of beans. Just remember to bring your nets / debit / credit card as they don’t accept cash! 🙂

[Update – 28th September]

FYI, The New Black at Upper Circular Road is permanently closed. We have listed down the new locations in the information box below 🙂

The New Black Republic Plaza
Address: 9 Raffles Place S048619
Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri 08.00AM - 07.00PM
Sat 09.00AM - 02.00PM

The New Black Centennial Tower
Address: 3 Temasek Avenue S039190
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 08.00AM - 05.00PM



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