Travel Edition: What to do in Taiwan?

I have compiled a list of things that you can do when you are in Taiwan. So,

What to do in Taiwan?

1. The Night Markets, Taipei

There are so MANY night markets in Taipei. The ones that I’d recommend are: Raohe, Shida and Shilin night markets. 🙂

The first night market that I visited - Shida Market!
The first night market that I visited – Shida Market!
Fried crab anyone? :)
Fried crab anyone? 🙂 I ordered two plates of this and they are amazing! <3
Juicy and HUGE bao! (If I'm not wrong it's xiao long bao). The xiao long bao in Taiwan is really in "bao".
Juicy and HUGE bao!
Awesome "steak" at Raohe market.
Awesome “steak” at Raohe market. Beef chunks freshly grilled on the spot! <3
Definitely try this when you spot it at one of the night markets!
Definitely try this when you spot it at Raohe market! It’s super good & very cheap too! Only 100 NT for the large portion.

2. Explore Shifen, Jiufen at Pingxi (Taipei)

A day trip to Shifen and Jiufen would be sufficient! The main highlights here are mostly (more) markets and lantern-release activity at Shifen.

Peanut Ice Cream at Jiufen Market – there are a few stalls selling this at Jiufen market.

You can easily travel to Shifen and Jiufen by train, but make sure to check the schedule so you don’t have to wait too long at the station!

We decided to visit Shifen last as we wanted to release the lantern at night. Each sky lantern costs around 100-150NT.


How to get to Pingxi District?

Go to Taipei Main Station and take the northbound train (except Keelung bound train) towards Ruifang station. Then, transfer to Pingxi line and purchase a one-day ticket for the Pingxi Line.

3. Cingjing Farm and Hualien

You can visit these two places if you want to explore further from Taipei!

What can you do at Cingjing? Go to Green Green Grassland and you can play and feed the sheeps!! 🙂 Entrance to Green Green Grassland is 160NT.

Say "Hi" to Mr. Sheep!
Say “Hi” to Mr. Sheep!
More sheeeepsss
More sheeeepsss
Sheep's milk!
You can also try sheep’s milk but it smells awful! x
Signature sheep show only during the weekends!
Signature sheep show only during the weekends! Weather was a bit sucky on that day as you can see in this pic >.<
But everyone seemed to be enjoying the show despite the rain 🙂
I <3 Cingjing!!

We stayed for one night at Cingjing, in “Cingjing Energy Home Vacation Village” (around SGD105 / night). You should try this, it’s a completely different experience from the usual urban life! 🙂

Here’s the view from the balcony!


Woke up early in the morning just to witness sunrise!
Woke up early in the morning just to witness sunrise!

Again, as mentioned on my previous post here, we rented a cab to bring us from Cingjing to Hualien. And although it’s quite expensive (around S$200 for 8-hour rent), we decided to go with the cab as it’s the fastest way to get to Hualien. If you are interested to rent a cab to Hualien, you can contact Tiffany (see details below!)

Contact number for the taxi:

Tiffany (+886 912 522 118)

The breathtaking view from Cingjing to Hualien!! <3


Taroko Gorge!
Pacific Ocean! - On the way to HuaLien from Cing Jing
Pacific Ocean! – On the way to Hualien from Cingjing

4. Maokong, Taipei

If you do not want to travel out but you still want a different experience, take the gondola to Maokong and enjoy some tea over a really nice view of Taipei!

To go to Maokong, you’d need to go to “Taipei Zoo Station” first then board the gondola there. The Maokong gondola costs 100NT for round trip. You can choose between the crystal car (transparent platform) and the normal car. You should try the crystal car as it’s a different experience altogether (but I hope you are not afraid of height!).

We purposely waited until late afternoon to ride the gondola as we wanted to see sunset from the gondola!
Can you spot Taipei 101?? 🙂
Finally the sun is setting! It's so pretty <3
Finally the sun is setting! It’s so pretty <3

The ride from Taipei Zoo Station took more than 10 minutes, but we finally arrived at Maokong!

There are a lot of tea houses in Maokong!

We randomly picked one of the tea houses to chill in (I can’t recall the name but it’s located on the left of the tea house seen in the pic above – just take the stairs down (spot the stairs in the picture) and you’ll see the tea house immediately)

Tea-flavoured mantou
Tea-flavoured mantou

So, there you go! My top places to visit in Taiwan. What’s yours? 🙂

Do drop us a comment if you have any questions 🙂 Thank you!

Accommodations in Taiwan

Puli West Hotel, Hotel is located close to the bus stop to Cingjing farm

Cingjing – CingJing Energy Home Vacation Village

Hualien – The Fantasy Apartment (It’s a new hotel and the owner is really kind. She actually drove us to the Pancake bomb stall because she felt that we wouldn’t be able to reach in time if we were to walk to the stall from the hotel.)

Taipei Homey House

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