Welcoming a New Author!

A big part of Coffee Tea Travels that we are building towards is the community. Ordinary people like you and me, who happen to love traveling, sharing their travel stories on one platform.

And this Sunday, we are very happy to take the first concrete step towards that goal, with our newest blog post on Morocco! This travel journal is written by Theodore, the first of the many, many travellers in the Coffee Tea Travels community 😀

We absolutely love Theodore’s Moroccan stories, and his photos are really the best of travel eye candies. So hop over and read it, and we bet it’ll inspire you to save a little bit harder for a trip to Morocco on your next holiday.

If you have travel stories to tell, or photos to share, write to us at [email protected] We’ll be happy to hear from you! Come be a part of Coffee Tea Travels, where we travel the world one cup at a time.


A & O ♥

PS. On second thoughts, you can count Theodore as the third member of the community, since the first two spots already belong to the two of us ;p

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