Koultoura Coffee Review, Jakarta

Koultoura Coffee Review

Every time I am back in Jakarta, I always end up going to the same places again and again (like UNION at Plaza Senayan – blame their Red Velvet cake!!). So the last time I was back in December, I told myself that I should must explore other cafes too!

And gosh! I didn’t realize there are sooo many cool places in Jakarta that I’ve yet to visit.

Anyway, one of the cafes that I visited was Koultoura Coffee.


It was probably a wise decision to visit Koultoura Coffee on a Monday morning. I was literally the first customer of the day – maybe because I came at 9AM sharp!! hahaha..

Koultoura Coffee
My workspace for the day

Tadaaa.. My workspace for the day – conducive, bright and the whole section was empty! Perfect! <3

Koultoura CoffeeOne thing that I find very interesting about Koultoura Coffee is that they serve their Latte in a cup and Flat White in a glass. From what I know, so far all the cafes that I’ve visited in Singapore serve it the other way round! But it doesn’t really matter, actually! As long as the coffee is good, they can serve it whichever way they like! 😉


Koultoura Coffee

I initially wanted to order Taro Latte as I’ve seen people post pictures of the purple drink on Instagram. But when I asked the barista for it, he mentioned that it was a seasonal drink and they no longer served it in December :

So I ordered a latte (30-35k Rupiah) instead! Not the best latte that I had ever tried but it was decent 🙂 I wouldn’t complain since it was only around S$3!

Koultoura Coffee

For my breakfast, I decided to try the Croque Madam (50k Rupiah). The dish description on the menu totally won my heart xD

“Crunchy sandwich with melted cheese, ham, egg covered with Bechamel sauce and a touch of cayenne pepper.”

Sounds so yummm!

I thought this dish was pretty good – the combination of egg, cheese and Bechamel sauce worked really well! Although it would be even better had the bread been less tough! 🙂

Overall, I really like my experience at Koultoura Coffee. The staff is friendly, the cafe is comfortable… Pictures taken in the cafe are Insta-worthy as well. So yes, I will probably visit this place again the next time I’m in Jakarta & hopefully by then they will have the Taro Latte back in their menu!! 🙂

Koultoura Coffee
Address: Jalan Taman ratu Indah Blok AA2 no 33, 
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Contact No: +62 21 29520310
Opening hours: 9AM - 10PM


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