What to eat in Taiwan?

For those who are visiting Taiwan (Taipei, Nantou and Hualien specifically), make sure to stop by these places as they are seriously GOOD! <3 <3

What to eat in Taiwan?

1. Fu Hang Soya Bean, Taipei

If you are in Taipei, you should try Fu Hang Soya Bean! It’s superb!

The shop is just one stop away from Taipei Main Station. And although the shop is located on the second floor, you should be able to spot it quite easily (just look for the queue outside the building).

We queued for around 45 mins just to get these (see pic below) but they taste so GOOD that we wouldn’t mind queueing for another hour just to eat them again!

what to eat in taiwan
Shao-bing filled with egg and yu-tiao & soya bean milk!

The shao-bing was the BEST breakfast I had in Taiwan. The shao bing was very crispyyyy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. You can add egg and yu tiao to your shao bing too, which I did!! And the shao bing became so thick that it couldn’t fit in my mouth!! xD

what to eat in taiwan
Our super thick Shao Bing! <3
Fu Hang Soya Bean, Taipei
Address: 台北市中正區忠孝東路一段108號2樓之28(華山市場二樓) (HuaShan Market Building, 2F, 
Zhongxiao E. Rd. Sec. 1, No. 108, 2F, 
MRT Shandao Temple Station Exit 5) (Google Map)
Tel: (02) 2392 2175
Operating Hours: 5:30am~12:30pm (Closed on Mon)

2. Dazzling Cafe, Taipei

Dazzling cafe is well-known in for its Shibuya-style honey toast and after trying it, I have to admit, it’s one of the best that I’ve ever tried!


If you love bread, butter and honey, this is something that you wouldn’t want to miss while you are in Taipei! Dazzling Cafe offers sooo many types of thick toasts that we had a hard time choosing which one to order! Everything just looked super yummy!

Dazzling cafe has a few branches in Taipei so check out this page for the shop’s location.

P.S: I heard Dazzling cafe is opening in Singapore 🙂 Soon you won’t have to travel all the way to Taiwan to try this cafe!

3. Spring Onion Pancake, Hualien

what to eat in taiwan
I should have ordered one more! It’s too AWESOME <3
Fried “bomb” and fried-bomb in the making!
Fried “bomb” and fried-bomb in the making!

If you are visiting Hualien, you definitely need to MUST try this!!!! It’s “Spring Onion Pancake BOMB” and you can find it at Fuxing Street.

I’m not exactly sure why they call it “bomb” – but one reason could be because the egg in the pancake isn’t fully cooked so the egg yolk oozes out when you bite the pancake. And that kind of gives you the “explosion” effect, i guess?

Anyway, the pancake is made of dough that is deep-fried in super HOT oil (as you can see in the picture above) so it is REALLY crispy, yet slightly chewy and savoury as well. It’s definitely one of the BEST street snacks that I’ve ever tried. We loved it so much that we wanted to order another one (even if that meant queuing for another 45mins) BUT they ran out of stock :'( *sobs*

what to eat in taiwan
There are two stalls that sell this on Fuxing Street. I tried the one from this stall, #102 🙂

So, it’s better to go early as they will close once the bombs are sold out. And just look at the queue in the pic above! You can totally tell that this is a popular dish so it gets sold out pretty quickly.

The plain pancake costs 15NT while the one with egg costs 20NT.

4. Gong Zheng Bao Zi, Hualien

Xiao Long Baooooo <3
Xiao Long Baooooo <3
what to eat in taiwan
Xiao Long Bao (left) vs Steamed Dumplings (right)!

In my previous post, I mentioned that the (+) point about Taiwan is that food is SERIOUSLY cheap. And this is what I mean – 10 steamed dumplings only cost 30NT while 5 xiao long baos cost 25NT – that’s like $0.13 for each steamed dumpling and $0.20 for each xiao long bao!!!!

What I like about the xiao long bao in Taiwan is that they really use “bao” – or bun – instead of the usual thin, slightly-translucent skin we have in Singapore.

5. 胡國雄古早麵 (Hu Guo Xiong Noodle), Puli

what to eat in taiwan
Surprisingly tasty noodle at Puli

Puli is a small and quiet town so it’s unlikely for people to purposely travel to this city, but if you happen to be in Puli (or are planning to visit this town), you may want to stop by “Hu Guo Xiong Noodle”. Try the soft boiled eggs and vegetables with mayonnaise (I can’t recall the name of the dish xD – see picture for reference).

Hu Huo Xiong Noodle, Puli
Location: No.3 Ren ai Road, Puli Township,
Nantou County, Taiwan 545
Contact: +886 4 9299 0586

** The restaurant is located near the main roundabout in Puli and the Sun Yat Sen statue. It’s located at the corner of the street.


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