Coffee Hopping in Japan: Five Cafes to Visit in Tokyo

All the coffee lovers in the house, read up! If you happen to be in the Japanese capital, these are the five cafes that you definitely cannot miss. O’s soon-to-be brother-in-law who is a total coffee connoisseur was in Tokyo recently and came back with this snappy guide to the city’s coffee scene. Enjoy! 😀

Coffee hopping in Japan

coffee hopping in japan

Bear Pond Espresso

Located in Shimokitazawa, Bear Pond Espresso has become the pilgrimage destination for coffee lovers worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. A small establishment, the espresso machine can only be manned by owner and barista Katsuyuki Tanaka. Espresso is only served until 2pm (it is said that a change in electricity messes with the machine), so come early to enjoy Bear Pond’s dense, syrupy espresso and latte. Forget about taking pictures though (you can’t!), it’s all about coffee the Bear Pond way.


Bear Pond Espresso
 Address: 2 Chome-36-12 Kitazawa, Setagaya, 
        Tokyo 155-0031, Japan
 Phone: +81 3-5454-2486
 Opening hours: 
 Mon, Wed - Sun: 10.30 AM - 01.30 PM
 Closed on Tuesday!

Streamer Coffee

Home to Asia’s first winner of Latte Art World Championship Hiroshi Sawada, the stunning triple rosetta latte art is just as rewarding as the coffee served. If you fancy something cold, their iced latte bottle is exceptional, considering how rare it is to find truly performing espresso-based iced lattes.

streamer-2 streamer-1 coffee hopping in japan

Streamer Coffee Shibuya
 Address: 1F 1-20-28, Shibuya, Tokyo. 
 Phone: +81 3-6427-3705
 Opening hours:
 Monday - Friday (inc. holidays): 08.00AM - 07.00PM
 Saturday: 12.00PM - 07.00PM
 Sunday: 12.00PM - 06.00PM
Streamer Coffee Harajuku
 Address: 3-28-19, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
 Phone: +81 3-5772-6633
 Opening hours:
 Monday - Friday: 09.00AM - 06.00PM
 Saturday - Sunday (inc. holidays): 11.00AM - 06.00PM
Streamer Coffee Gohongi
 Address: 2-36, Chuuouchou, Meguro, Tokyo
 Phone: +81 3-6452-3145
 Opening hours:
 Monday - Friday: 07.00AM - 08.00PM
 Saturday - Sunday (inc. holidays): 12.00PM - 06.00PM

Urth Cafe

Hailing from Los Angeles, Urth Caffe has a special place in my heart for their coffee, brunch and desserts. Try a hot Spanish Latte, or if you love iced coffee like me, their amazing Spanish Latte Granita. Visit the Omotesando branch so that when you’re done, you’re only a stone’s throw away from the one-of-a-kind Omotesando Koffee.

coffee hopping in japan

urth-2 coffee hopping in japan

Urth Cafe Shibuya
 Address: 8-9, Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
 Phone: +81 3-5784-3301
 Opening hours: 10.00 AM - 08.00 PM (everyday)
Urth Cafe Omotesando (new branch)
  Address: 4-9-8 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 
  Phone: +81 3-6447-4771
  Opening hours: 10.00 AM - 08.00 PM (everyday)

Omotesando Koffee

This hidden gem, a minimalist cafe shop inside a traditional Japanese house, has such a barely-there signage you might miss it. Once inside, barista-owner Eiichi Kunitomo serves a range of hot and iced coffee. Grab a cup and enjoy it on the tiny bench right at the entrance of the shop.

omotesando-koffee-1 omotesando-koffee-2

coffee hopping in japan

Omotesando Koffee
  Address: 4-15-3 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
  Phone: +81 3-5413-9422
  Opening hours: 10.00AM - 07.00PM (everyday)
  Nearest station: Omotesando Exit A2 / Meiji-Jingumae

Blue Bottle

I visited Japan a few months ahead of Blue Bottle’s opening. Hailed as the Apple of coffee, Blue Bottle is now a rising behemoth of specialty coffee. Known for their slow bar pour overs, Kyoto-style and New Orleans cold brew, as well as all manners of geeky brews, Blue Bottle has just recently opened its roastery branch in Kiyosumi. It may just be a signage or drawing of a blue bottle, but coffee lovers flock to this hybrid shrine of tech startup and specialty coffee.

coffee hopping in japan
Photo credit to Blue Bottle 😀
Blue Bottle Aoyama
 Address: Minami-Aoyama 3-13-14, Minato, Tokyo 107-0062
 Opening hours: 10.00 AM - 09.00 PM (everyday)
Blue Bottle Kiyosumi
 Address: 1-4-8, Hirano, Koto, Tokyo, Japan
 Opening hours: 08.00 AM - 07.00 PM (everyday)

Bonus: BAKE by Kinotoya

BAKE by Kinotoya is most definitely not specialty coffee, but I sure don’t mind lining up for a box of their incredible cheese tarts. Their bold yellow and black storefront houses rows upon rows of tender, double baked cheese tarts.

bake-by-kinotoya-2 coffee hopping in japan

BAKE by Kinotoya Jiyugaoka
  Address: 1-31-10 BAKE Building 1F 2F, Jiyugaoka,
        Meguro, Tokyo, Japan
  Phone: +81 3-5731-0035
  Opening hours: 11.00 AM - 08.00 PM (everyday)
BAKE by Kinotoya Lumine Est Shinjuku
 Address:  3-38-1 Rumineesuto 1F, Shinjuku,
         Tokyo, Japan 160-0022
  Phone: +81 3-5925-8170
  Opening hours:
  Monday - Friday: 11.00 AM - 10.00 PM
  Saturday - Sunday (inc. holidays): 10.30 AM - 10.00 PM
BAKE by Kinotoya Lumine Omiya
  Address: JR Omiya Station, Omiya, Nishikicho, 330-0853
  Phone: +81 48-783-3911
  Opening hours: 08.00 AM - 10.00 PM (everyday)


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