Breakfast: On Lok Yun, Bangkok, Thailand

On Lok Yun Review

Who loves kaya*?

Almost everyone would probably raise their hands – except for me. I never really like this sweet and creamy coconut jam! I find the texture a little bit weird and the taste a little bit too sweet. Nonetheless, I still included On Lok Yun in the itinerary on my second visit to Bangkok simply because my sister and the other girls love Kaya Toast SO MUCH.

On Lok Yun
On Lok Yun – Bangkok Chinatown

On Lok Yun is an establishment in Bangkok’s Chinatown area, specialising in traditional breakfast fare – toasts, half-boiled eggs, and the likes. It is famous for dishing out good comfort food and its setting that exudes a quiet old-world charm. We stayed in Sukhumvit and it was not far to On Lok Yun in Chinatown, but we had a tight schedule that day so we decided to take a taxi. Anyway cab fare in Bangkok is really cheap, unless you get stuck in a traffic jam 😉 It only cost us around 100 Baht (~SGD 4) for the 6-km journey. Man, why can’t taxi fare in Singapore be that cheap as well! 🙁 We were so worried that it was going to be crowded on that day. It was Saturday morning and the weather was really good, so we thought there would be a long line outside On Lok Yun. But to our surprise, there were only 3-4 other groups there when we arrived!! Phewww… 🙂

On Lok Yun
Welcome to On Lok Yun! 🙂 We sat right behind the counter seen in this picture!
On Lok Yun’s Menu 🙂

There are only 5 items on their “Toast” menu: Bread with butter & sugarBread with butter and sweeten condensed milk, Bread with butter and jam, Egg custard bread (Kaya), French toast.  We tried the Bread with butter & sugarBread with butter and sweeten condensed milk and Egg custard bread (Kaya) And personally, my favourite was the Bread with butter & sugar and the cubed white bread (without the kaya). The white bread was sooo fluffy, soft and warm!! We loved it so much that we ordered another plate of bread, without the kaya x) On Lok Yun

Thai Milk Tea & Thai Coffee – hands up!

On Lok Yun

On Lok Yun
Dig in…  <3

We definitely had a great time at On Lok Yun 🙂 Although there’s nothing special about the place – just a really simple traditional shophouse along a typical Bangkok street, we will definitely come back again for its toast and of course, the old-school charm & ambiance!! Till next time, On Lok Yun!

Note: If you search ‘On Lok Yun’ on Google, it will say that it’s permanently closed but it still opens so do visit On Lok Yun when you are in BKK 🙂

On Lok Yun 
Address:72 New Road, Wangburapha, Pra Nakorn District, Bangkok 
Opening hours: Daily - 5AM to 4PM


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