Great Seafood in Bangkok: T&K Seafood, Chinatown

T&K Seafood, Chinatown

I came across this restaurant on someone’s blog while I was doing my research on what to eat in Bangkok. Initially I wasn’t sure if we should try this but the food pictures looked too yummy to be ignored so I convinced my friends that we MUST try T&K Seafood while we were in BKK.

We were so excited to try T&K that we decided to go first thing after we checked-in. We took a taxi to Chinatown at around 8pm and the place was FULL so we had to join the long queue filled with grumpy people who were super hungry (like us!) 🙁 However, the food here was definitely worth the wait – especially the steamed fish, grilled prawn and tom yam! Make sure you don’t drool on your computer / phone looking at these photos! 😉

Steamed Fish in Fresh Lime! 🙂
Grilled Prawns! It's super GOOD <3
Grilled Prawns! They were super GOOD <3
Tom Yam Soup! It's fresh and spicy - another awesome dish from T&K
Tom Yam Soup! It’s fresh and spicy – another awesome dish from T&K
Curry Crab – this one was a little bit disappointing compared to the rest :
Super Huge OYSTERS!!
Super Huge OYSTERS!!

Our final verdict:

The food at T&K Seafood was super GOOD and cheap that we wanted to visit it again on our last day but sadly T&K only opens after 6pm and by then we’d be on our way back to Singapore 🙁

I can’t remember the price for each dish but each of us ended up paying around SGD$18 for everything, which is really cheap considering we ordered HUGE prawns, one WHOLE fish, crabs and oysters!

So make sure to visit T&K Seafood when you are in BKK! 😀

T & K Seafood, Chinatown, Bangkok
Address: 49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat Road, Bangkok
Tel: +6622234519
Opening Hours: Daily 6 pm – 10 pm.
Getting there: MRT Hua Lamphong Station or 
just take a cab to Chinatown!


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