The Entertainer App: Get One-for-One Night at Sofitel Sukhumvit Bangkok


said the friendly staff at the check-in counter.

I wondered why she said Bonjour to me when we were actually in Bangkok! Initially I thought maybe it was because she was French (?) but then the local staff also greeted the other guests with “Bonjour!”

“Hmmm.. That’s strange,” I thought.

After researching about Sofitel online, I found out that Sofitel is a French hotel chain under Accor group. So no wonder the “Bonjour” greetings! 🙂

Anyway, earlier this year I bought The Entertainer App because I wanted to try some restaurants using the 1-for-1 vouchers! The Entertainer is a smartphone application that allows you to enjoy 1-for-1 vouchers at participating restaurants, overseas hotels, health and wellness centers, and the list goes on.

So why did I mention this app? Simply because Sofitel Sukhumvit Bangkok is one of the participating hotels! 🙂

And through this app, I managed to get the room for only SGD 300 for 2 nights! I know it’s a little bit on the high side, but considering the room and breakfast that I got, I wouldn’t complain ;).

Time to show you what room and breakfast at Sofitel Sukhumvit Bangkok look like!



Breakfast at Sofitel Sukhumvit Bangkok



Cheeseeee <3


Egg Counter – scrambled, omellete, or boiled eggs, Ma’am?

DSCF3924 (1)

This tiny thing was reallyyy yummy!!
French Toast
Brioche, anyone?

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at Sofitel Sukhumvit! Spacious room, bath tub, pretty pools, super comfortable bed and really friendly staff… Ahh, I wouldn’t mind coming back to this hotel although it’d be great if they could improve the wifi coverage and the water heater (it wasn’t hot enough for me xD). But other than that, it was a very pleasant stay!

If you have the Entertainer app too, this is how you can book your hotel:

  1. Drop the hotel an email stating that you would like to make a reservation with the Entertainer app. Also check with them the applicable rate, as with the app you can only get a room at the hotel’s Best Available Rate, and not all the other promotional prices.
  2. Once they reply, you should know what to do next!For me, after confirming the rate, I just needed to attach a screenshot of my Entertainer app voucher in the email and then voila, I received a confirmation booking receipt from the hotel 🙂
I have to use other hotel's voucher as I've used Sofitel's one but this is the voucher that you need to send to the staff.
How the voucher looks like in the Entertainer app!

If you haven’t gotten the Entertainer App, then it’s time for you to get it! So far, I’ve saved about SGD 600 on all my dining and travel expenses, and I’ve only used the app for 3 months!

My approximated savings! It's actually wayyyy higher than $642 ;D
My approximated savings! It’s actually wayyyy higher than $642 ;D

To get the full feature of the Entertainer app, you have to pay SGD 60. Use “2015seth” to get additional 10%. FYI, the app is packed with over 800 buy one get one free offers for Singapore’s restaurants and bars, and over 250 travel offers like hotel stays! So what are you waiting for? Go get the app now! 🙂

The Entertainer App!
The Entertainer App!
Sofitel Sukhumvit Bangkok
Nearest BTS: Nana Station and Asok Station.
According to our local friend, it's better to walk from Asok station
to the hotel, especially if you are carrying big luggage!

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  1. Wow, what a nice bargain for the really good Sofitel in Bangkok. I’ll instantly have a look on the entertainer app. It looks like a perfect app for travelers!