Where to Shop in Bangkok: UNION Mall, Bangkok’s Best Kept Secret

So you are planning a trip to Bangkok. You have heard of how cheap and good the shopping in Bangkok is. And you have seen all those Instagram photos of your friends’ Bangkok shopping loots – rows upon rows of neatly-arranged clothes and footwear covering an entire double bed. So, all stoked up and excited, you Google: “where to shop in Bangkok”.

Union Mall

Every travel blog you visit gives you the same list over and over again: Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam Market, Siam Square, Chatuchak Market…

But let me make this bold statement once and for all – forget all those places. UNION MALL is Bangkok’s best-kept secret for crazy-cheap shopping.

The last time I was in Bangkok, my travel partner and I spent a day going around Siam Square and Platinum Mall, getting sorely disappointed at the quality and prices of the goods on sale. They were all just average, and not as cheap as we expected them to be. Platinum Mall was also super big, with two different compounds and six levels each, and after a while all the stuff on sale started to look all the same – a common plague in large shopping centers.

Fortunately, a local friend tipped us about Union Mall, a shopping center catering to the young-adults crowd. It is the place she goes to all the time to shop, and she promised the goods on sale would be all unique and different. So the next day we made our way there, and true enough, it was shopping heaven.

union mall
The mall was more spacious, and less than a crazy hubbub, as compared to Platinum Mall.
union mall
Goods galore! There’s around 1.5 levels dedicated for men’s clothing as well!

Union Mall has 8 levels in total, complete with supermarkets and a foodcourt, but the levels we cared about were the three housing (most of) the clothes, footwear and accessories shops. Every shop did sell different things, and we seldom saw two places selling the same item. Well, it did seem that high-waisted trousers were all the rage in Bangkok at the time, and a number of shops were selling those. But other than that, we were spoiled by the abundance of unique choices.

Prices stayed in the THB100-250 (~SGD4-10) range, and we always haggled. The general rule of thumb we adhered to was to ask for THB100 cheaper for items quoted at THB300 and above, and to take it from there. Sellers were generally far friendlier than those we encountered at Platinum Fashion Mall as well, so there was no need to worry about getting shouted at for haggling too much.

union mall
Shopping loot!

All in all if you’re looking for cheap and really good shopping in Bangkok, Union Mall is the place to go. And did I mention, all the other shoppers were locals and we were the only tourists around? 😀 Happy shopping!

Ladprao Soi 1, Bangkok, Thailand 10900
Getting there: Phahon Yothin MRT Station Exit 5.
Opening hours: 1100am to 1000pm daily.

TIP: We went at 11 am and all the shops were still closed. We waited around 30 minutes for the sellers to set up shop, so come earliest at 1130 or 12 noon!

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  1. Until I read “young-adult oriented” I was hoping this could be a place worth noting… Oh well… Anyway, I’m not small enough to fit in those clothes.
    Good to hear you had good shopping there.

    1. Hi Kama! haha yeah well I do belong to that group and hence the places I visit. I’ll let you know if I come across other more general shopping options ;D

    2. Hey Acacia! I would like to ask if all the sellers in union mall only sell the clothes/accessories in bulk? 🙂

    1. Hi Gary! Yes it is quite far. It’s at Phahon Yothin MRT station, and it takes around 20-30minutes to reach from Siam area!

        1. I never took a taxi there but from my experience going around Bangkok, from Siam area it should cost around THB 80-100 depending on traffic!

  2. Hi.
    I read ur blog on Union Mall with excitement.. just wanna know if u happen to note tat they sell plus size clothing too?? Thanks!!!!

    1. Hi jo jo, glad that the article brings excitement to people! 😀 Mmm I don’t think I noticed any – most stores sell the usual SML-sized clothes, and they are the usual tiny Asian standards 🙁

    1. There definitely were clothes for guys! But whether they’re nice or not is quite subjective 😉

    1. It’s around THB100-250! Some better-quality ones can go up to THB400, but just haggle! :))

  3. Hi, I’m going next week bangkok. Thank you for tips. Any food recommend to eat at bangkok?

  4. Hi, is it possible to get a supplier of clothes from Union Mall coz I’m planning to buy and sell it to my country. Thank you.

    1. I have no idea – I only went there to shop! Haha but I’m pretty sure if you go and ask around you can find something 😉

    1. hello! I don’t recall outstanding individual shops, is there anything in particular you are looking for?

    1. Hello! I didn’t notice any plus sized clothing and most of them were in the usual Asian sizes (read: quite small), but you can try looking. Good luck 🙂

    1. Hi Adele. Nope the supermarket was just a standard one, nothing like the Big C near the Siam area!

  5. Hello, I want to ask Pratunam Market and Union Mall which one is more worthy?
    Please reply. =) Thanks.

    1. I prefer Union Mall, buy one is more cheaper than Pratunam Market. but if you buy 3 clothes just one variant is cheap in Pratunam Market (help answer)