Welcome to Singapore, Dazzling Cafe! :)

Dazzling Cafe has finally opened in Singapore!

For those who are not familiar with the name, Dazzling Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Taipei and they are well-known for the thick honey toasts! 🙂

They just opened a few days ago (18th April 2015 to be exact) so expect to see a long queue if you go there during the weekends or during the peak hours!

Welcome to Dazzling Cafe!
Welcome to Dazzling Cafe!



My friends and I ordered the Party in your mouth honey toast ($18.90) and Matcha with azuki beans honey toast ($19.90). They do have main courses but we didn’t try them because we didn’t want to break our wallets!! FYI, the honey toasts are priced in the SGD 16.90 – $19.90++ range. While the price of the main course (Risotto, Spaghetti etc) ranges from $16.90 – $24.90++!

For the honey toasts, you can choose either the normal or crispy option! 🙂

Party in your mouth thick toast (Strawberry with vanilla ice-cream)
Party in your mouth honey toast (Strawberry with vanilla ice-cream)

I have tried Dazzling cafe toasts in Taipei and I enjoyed them very much. That’s why I was very excited about them opening in Singapore.

But, I was slightly disappointed when I tried the Party in your mouth honey toast. I don’t think the taste of this toast justified the $18.90++ price tag. Also, I was expecting the bread to be way more buttery than what I had 🙁

Green Tea Honey Toast
Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey Toast. I prefer this over the “Party in your mouth” toast!! <3

Thankfully the Matcha with azuki beans honey toast tasted better than its counterpart. Although the bread was pretty dry too, at least it tasted pretty good!!

Maybe on my next visit, I should order Hazelnut honey toast. I had this when I was in Taipei and it was good!

Despite the slight disappointment with the toasts, I was pretty happy and satisfied with the service. I think the staff was very polite and helpful. At least the one who served us did a very good job on that day. She patiently explained to us the background of each honey toast while she was serving us.

Dazzling cafe also has a very delightful ambiance! It’s definitely a good place to chill and sit all day long 🙂

Dazzling Cafe

Address: 15 Stamford Road #01-85 (Capitol Mall - Arcade)
Phone No:+ 65 6384 3310 (No reservation)
Opening Hours for soft launch: 12.00 - 20.00 (Last order 19.30) 
Soft launch period: 18th April to 6th June 2015
Click here to download their menu.

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