Paddy Hills Cafe Review: Hidden Gem in the West of Singapore

Paddy Hills is a new cafe replacing the famous Lim Sheng Lee Duck Rice, which was once found along South Buona Vista road. How I wish this cafe existed when I was still in NUS!

I decided to pay a visit to this cafe, even though it is located all the way in the West of Singapore, because the Berry Ricotta Hotcake looks too good to be missed!

Now you get what I’m saying? It looks so good isn’t it!

We arrived one Sunday, just slightly after noon, and we were very thankful that there was no queue on that day! *Phew* 🙂FotorCreated

The A3-sized menu took us a while to browse through but we decided to order these : Kimchi Fried Rice, Berry Ricotta Hotcake, Potato & Fish and lastly The Asian Brick during my first visit. Recently, I visited this cafe again and I ordered the Toasted Spicy Rice Cakes and Orange Ricotta Pillows.

Kimchi Fried Rice (SGD 20)


Served with Hanger steak, sous vide egg and kimchi, this is one of the dishes that I enjoyed the most at this cafe – mainly because of the wok hei from the fried rice 🙂

Berry Ricotta Hotcake (SGD 19)

Who knew that Ricotta hotcake can taste this good!

Initially we were worried that the ricotta filling would ruin the taste of the hotcake. However, we were proven wrong after we tried the Ricotta Hotcake at Paddy Hills.

The hotcake was very crispy on the outside and the ricotta filling was just perfect for the size of the hotcake (they placed the ricotta filling at the center of the hotcake 🙂 )

Potato & Fish (SGD 22)

Shredded potato or “rosti” served with anchovies, mushrooms and seared sea bass.

Not a big fan of anchovies but I thought the chef did pretty well for this dish. I really enjoyed slurping the rosti together with the sauce (which was actually cooked with deconstructed bagna cauda) 😀

Orange Ricotta PIllows (SGD 18)

I was expecting the Orange Ricotta Pillows to be very fluffy but to my disappointment, it was a little bit dry and dense – not as fluffy as I’d imagine 🙁 but two thumbs up for the plating!

Toasted Spicy Rice Cakes (SGD 15)

“Goma, Nori, Gojujang mayo & shaved cured egg yolk” when I read the description I immediately knew I had to order this – I am huge fan of tteok (korean rice cakes).

The tteok has a slight crisp texture and it’s slightly chewy. Eat it together with the gojujang mayo and you will know why so many people ordered this dish! This dish is good for sharing 🙂

We were pretty surprised that we did not have to wait for very long for the food to come – unlike most negative reviews that I read on a few blogs and also posts on Paddy Hills’ Facebook page.

Do give this cafe a try if you haven’t done so. I cannot promise you that all the food items are fantastic – but at least most of the ones that I ordered during my two visits tasted pretty good. And with the great ambiance of the cafe, this would be a nice place to hangout with your friends or family 😀

Paddy Hills Cafe
Add: 38 South Buona Vista Road 
Phone No: 6479 0800
Opening hours:
9.30 AM - 10.00 PM (Kitchen will be closed from 5 - 6PM)
Nearest MRT: Haw Par Villa. 
Take Bus 200 from the MRT Station - alight 3 stops after the MRT


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