My Source of Comfort Food: Ma Maison Restaurant

I have known this place for years and until now, it is still one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore. One of the restaurants that I won’t ever be tired of going back to.

If you feel like eating Japanese and Western food then Ma Maison would be a great place for you to go as they serve Japanese-Western fusion food 🙂

Beef Stroganoff ($16.80) and Tonkatsu with Omu Rice ($19.90)
Beef Stroganoff ($16.80) and Tonkatsu with Omu Rice ($19.90)
Ma Maison at The Central.

The restaurant is not very spacious, there are probably only about 10-15 tables. So come early or be prepared to queue!

I’d highly recommend the Beef Stroganoff. I always order it whenever I eat here. It’s just so good that I don’t want to order the other dishes. I have also tried the hamburger steak – it was quite good but nothing can replace my Beef Stroganoff as of now!

The Beef Stroganoff is served with omu-rice and the omelette is cooked perfectly, not too dry and not too runny – just perfect to be eaten with the creamy Stroganoff sauce.

The portion may look big in the photo but trust me it’s just nice for one person! 🙂

Bring the key to the cashier to pay the bill! 🙂

You’ll be given a house key that looks like the photo above. Just bring the key to the cashier when you want to pay for the bill 🙂

Ma Maison Restaurant 
Branch: Anchorpoint
Opening hours:

Branch: Bugis
Location: Bugis Junction #02-51
Opening hours: 11.30AM - 10.00PM

Branch: Clarke Quay
Location: The Central #03-96
Opening hours: 11.30AM - 10.00PM

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  1. I love how distinctive the Ma Maison decorations are! I saw your feature photo and could tell it was one of my favourite restaurants without even reading further (:

    Love their pretty cakes too, you should give them a try!

  2. Hey! This is one of my favourite place in Singapore! I highly recommend their Squid Ink pasta and French Onion Soup basides the amazing Beef Stroganoff. Take your family here, too. The restaurant always has special deal for Daddy/Mommy/Kids. 🙂