Banana Tree, Cute Korean Cafe at Keong Saik Road

안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo)!

I was strolling along Keong Saik Road when I came across this simple yet cute-looking cafe. The cafe was so inviting that I decided to pay them a short visit after my lunch at Muchachos

Loving the interior design of the cafe!


Banana Flower Paat ($6.50)
We were so full from lunch that we could only afford to try the tiny Banana Flower Paat. Amazed by how the dessert looked like a real flower pot, we literally could not stop taking pictures! 🙂

This pretty dessert was made up of banana pudding and fresh cream, which were not too sweet, and topped with Oreo crumble that made the whole thing taste really good.

It was surprisingly a lot better than what we expected. To be honest, we didn’t expect it to taste that good, but we found it to be just nice for our liking. 😉

We also peeked at what other diners ordered and I spotted iced coffee topped with afro-looking cotton candy and another dessert similar to flower paat but in waaaay bigger pot. Those desserts made me want to visit this cafe again! So, till next time Banana Tree cafe! 🙂

Banana Tree Cafe

Address: 26 Keong Saik Road, S089133
Opening hours: 
Tues - Fri 9AM - 7PM
Sat - Sun 10AM - 8PM
Closed every Monday

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  1. hi, coffee tea travels
    thank you for sharing these useful,fun,interesting posts well i found your blog by facebook i come across few of friends kept on sharing the ‘where to shop in Thailand post’

    so here is my question im not really sure what races are you so when you go to korea do speak to them in korean or english? is it hard to communicate? cause i really wabt to trvel to korea so i’m doing quite some research… sry for so long-winded…

    1. Hello 🙂

      Awww thank you <3. We are so glad that you like our blog. We hope you'd read our blog regularly 🙂

      To answer your question, most of the times I used English when I was in Korea but I can write hangeul and I can speak a bit of Korean so sometimes I spoke to them in Korean.
      In general, it is easy to communicate with them cos they do speak a bit of english except for certain cases like when you take the cab. Most drivers would prefer if you speak Korean to them and don't tell them the address in english (just take the business card from the hotel / hostel and show the address to the drivers). We got scolded for speaking to the driver in english :(.

      If you can speak chinese, some korean do speak chinese pretty well in certain areas in Seoul (e.g one of the shopping malls in Dongdaemun) 🙂

      You should visit Korea. It's pretty awesome! Do you plan to go alone?

      Anyway, I hope I answered your question! Do let us know if you have more questions k! 🙂

      1. Thank you for your friendly tips and yes!! you certainly did answered my question and it help a lot, I left some comments on YouTube vlogs but I didn’t get any reply. So yea… Thanks!

        I’m planing to go with my family cause I’m still underage to go with friends…
        I would read your blog regularly,hope to see more post.