Sisterfields, Bali: A Pretty, Must-Visit Cafe in Seminyak.

I recently spent 5 days in Bali, my first trip to the island in 4 years, and I realised how much Bali has changed in that span of time. And I have to admit, I was pretty impressed.

The renovated airport, the new Bali Mandara Toll Road that connects Denpasar to South Kuta, the new cafes and beach clubs popping up all over Bali… and the list goes on. So five days in Bali were definitely not enough! 🙁

Anyway, I visited a couple of cafes during my recent trip and Sisterfields was my favourite among the rest. It is probably the prettiest cafe that I have visited so far as well!

Sisterfields serves an all-day breakfast, brunch and lunch menu alongside a wide selection of coffees and juices / smoothies.

Warning: this cafe is quite popular in Seminyak so there may be a long line if you come during peak hours. I visited this cafe twice at around 10-11 am, and thankfully both times I did not have to queue.


The indoor seating

You can opt to sit inside or outside (either the porch area or the courtyard). No matter which one you pick, I assure you, you will still be able to take really good pictures. Although you will have to bear the hot weather if you choose to sit outside!

The outdoor seating (Porch area)
Flat White (IDR 30,ooo, ~SGD 3)
Acai Berry Bowl (IDR 95,000, ~SGD 9.7) & Pancakes with Berry Compote (IDR 60,ooo, ~SGD 6)
Acai Berry Bowl (IDR 95,000)

The most expensive dish that we tried at Sisterfields. So what makes it so expensive? Wild Blueberries. 

Imagine Blueberry smoothies in a bowl, topped with granolas, bananas and some other tidbits – and there you have it, Acai Berry Bowl.

I thought the Acai Berry was pretty good, especially on a super hot day in Bali. The Acai Berry was very refreshing and cooling that you would feel really good after eating it 🙂

Try eating the Acai berry together with the banana & granola. The smooth texture of the banana and berry combined with the crunchy texture of the granola… mmm yum!

The only thing to take note if you are seated outside, the Acai Berry will melt really quickly so eat it fast!! 😀

Pancakes with Berry Compote (IDR 60,000)

Among all the dishes, it was actually the pancakes that won everyone’s heart. When the waiter placed the pancakes on our table, all hands could not wait to dive right it (the smell must have hypnotized everyone). But of course, I stopped them from ruining the pancakes as it was first picture time! xD

Pancakes with berry compote, vanilla bean ice cream & Canadian maple syrup

Although the description on the menu does not say much but you would not want to miss it! 😉 The pancakes are definitely worth trying!

Nom Nom
Sisterfields Dirty Burger (IDR 85,000, ~SGD 8.7)
French Toast with Caramelized Banana (IDR 65,000, ~SGD 6.6)
French Toast with Caramelized Banana (IDR 65,000)

I did not manage to try this on my first visit so I made sure not to miss it again on the second visit.

And yup, it was a good decision to pick this on my second visit!

The brioche was so soft & fluffy! I could not stop myself from eating it as it was very addictive!! What can go wrong when you have soft & fluffy Brioche combined with caramelized banana, walnuts and banana rum ice cream… need I say more?

Pulled Pork Charcoal Roll (IDR 70,000, ~SGD 7)
Enjoying my latte 😀 – Latte (IDR 30,000, ~SGD 3)

I definitely had a great time in Sisterfields! If you are unsure of which cafe to visit in Seminyak, please do yourself a favour and pick Sisterfields! 🙂

Sisterfields Cafe

Address: Jl. Kayu Cendana No. 7, Seminyak
Bali, Indonesia 80361
Opening hours: 7AM - 5PM (Everyday)
Menu: Click here


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