Fat Turtle – The Perfect Cafe for Pancake Lovers in Seminyak, Bali

For those who are familiar with Singapore, you probably know that we have at least two “Fat”s dining establishments here in Singapore – Fat Cat & Fat Cow. About 1,700km away from the little red dot, we found another “Fat” Cafe – it’s called Fat Turtle.



Can’t agree more!
Corn Fritters
Hot Chocolate

Fat Turtle cafe is famous for its pancakes so we made sure to try both pancakes available on the menu when we were there :3

Black Forest Pancakes. Can you spot the mushroom-shaped meringue? 🙂
Black Forest Ovomaltine Pancakes

This one was actually my favourite from this cafe. I had seen Red Velvet Pancakes in various cafes but I had never tried Ovomaltine pancakes before. And it’s seriously good 🙂

Ovomaltine and whipped cream sandwiched in between 3 stacks of fluffy chocolate pancakes topped with vanilla ice cream, Kirschwasser-soaked dark sweet cherries and crunchy mushroom meringues! <3

It was fluffy and it was not too sweet – just perfect! 🙂

Red Velvet Pancakes
Red Velvet Pancakes

Three stacks of red velvet pancakes decorated with powdered sugar, chocolate “soils”, honeycomb and caramel sauce around the plate – not forgetting the creamy cream cheese on top of the pancakes 🙂

This is one of Fat Turtle’s signature dishes and we can understand why.

I actually enjoyed eating the red velvet pancakes together with the honeycomb bits and the soil. The chewy texture from the honeycomb combined with the fluffy pancakes was such a good experience that I could not stop eating them!

We definitely enjoyed our breakfast at Fat Turtle. In fact, we enjoyed the pancakes so much that we over-stuffed ourselves at Fat Turtle. And it was only our first cafe of the day :’)

So pancake-lovers, make sure to stop by Fat Turtle when you are in Seminyak! 🙂

Fat Turtle Cafe (Opposite Potato Head Beach Club)

Address: Jl. Petitenget No. 886A,
Bali, Indonesia
Phone:+62 813-3737-4766
Opening hours: 9AM - 7PM (Everyday)
Facebook page: click here

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    1. Yes! It’s near Potato Head & W hotel as well :).

      You should try Sisterfields as well! I really like Sisterfields :). Both cafes are in Seminyak area. Enjoy your holiday in Bali!

        1. You should try Sisterfields this time then! 😀
          I think the cafe is very pretty and the food is pretty good too! 😀

          You can try Fat Turtle for its pancakes, Revolver for its iced latte (heard it’s really good?. I didn’t try it though!)