Bills Cafe Japan: World’s Best Breakfast Served in Yokohama

I just came back from my 7-day trip to Japan last Monday. And as soon as I touched down in Singapore, I was already missing Japan so much – the good food, the nice weather and the friendly & helpful people.

I will be sharing with you my solo-travelling experiences in Japan for the next few weeks so if you are planning to visit Japan soon, do check our blog regularly 😀

On my way to the train station – at Kawasaki area

This was my third trip to Japan and I wanted to explore new areas in Japan so I decided to visit Yokohama – which was only 20 minutes away from where I stayed in Tokyo! Yay!


Spot Minato Mirai Area in this picture!
DSCF9650 (1)
Bills Cafe – the place that offers “world’s best breakfast” ♥

Bills Cafe only opens at 9 am on weekdays and even though I reached there about 10-15 minutes before 9, there was already a line outside the cafe. But the cafe was big and spacious so it could fit everyone with no issue 😉

Fascinating 100-over-years old Red Brick Warehouse
Make sure to try Bills Classics at this cafe!

The Ricotta Hotcakes was one of Bills’ signature dishes so I decided to order it and it was a good choice indeed.

Here it is, a plate of Ricotta hotcakes, topped with banana and honeycomb butter, freshly served on my table. I could smell a sweet, homey and buttery smell of the hotcakes even before the waitress placed it on my table. I was extremely tempted to eat it immediately 😀

Don’t forget to drizzle that maple syrup on top of the fluffy hotcakes ♥
Ricotta cheese sitting nicely inside the hotcakes 🙂

So unlike regular pancakes, these hotcakes got their thickness from the ricotta and whipped egg whites and that’s what makes the texture of these hotcakes very light and airy. These Ricotta Hotcakes were definitely the fluffiest hotcakes that I’ve ever tried ♥ Despite its light texture, they were actually very filling, so don’t be fooled! 😉



While the food and drinks here do not come cheap, this cafe certainly justify the heavy price tags by offering you not only top-notch quality food, but also superb service and great views of the pier and the warehouse 🙂


If you do not plan to visit Yokohama, fret not, Bills cafe is available in other locations as well. Do check their website (here) to find out more about the other locations.


Address: 1-1-2 Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama, Japan
Phone:+81 45-650-1266
Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri 09.00AM - 10.00PM
Sat - Sun 08.00AM - 10.00PM
Website: click here
Reservation is allowed (dinner only)


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