Coffee Hopping in Tokyo: Six More Cafes to Visit for Your Caffeine Fix

By: Jennifer Diandra

Greetings coffee-lovers out there! If you are reading this post right now, chances are you like coffee (you enjoy drinking coffee) or you love coffee (and by this, I mean you need to have at least one cup of this magical drink daily to keep you function at your baseline level and yes, I am totally describing myself right now). If you belong to either or even better, both categories; let me tell you that you are doing life the right way, my friend 😉

So let me share with you my experience of coffee hopping in Tokyo during my one-month elective (read: travelling and sightseeing) in Tokyo!

 1. Toranomon Koffee

This one is Omotesando Koffee’s sibling but unlike Omotesando, which has a quaint feel and style to it, this one is located in Toranomon Hills. I stupidly thought the said building was a mere high-class shopping mall at first, but after I researched further apparently it is “a skyscraper complex project” built classily by some prominent architects. Ok back to the coffee, sorry I’m rambling…

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I ordered Iced Latte because it was a particularly sunny day. Overall, it tasted acceptable, if not good (if your standard is not so high like me – I have a low threshold; I love all kinds of coffee). The menu and the café environment, including the design of the counter, are pretty much similar to those of its sibling (the other branch) at Omotesando.

Toranomon Coffee
Address: 1 Chome-23 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

 2. Mijinco Coffee (みじんこ)

This gem is totally different from Toranomon. A local friend recommended this café to me as it was near the place where I did my attachment at (a 7-minute walk from Ochanomizu station, and a bit nearer from Yushima station) and it offers pretty decent coffee and food. It is located at a quaint neighbourhood at Bunkyo-ku Yushima, and thanks to Google Maps (and my friend, of course), I managed to find this gem and savoured a few hours of solitude and quality time with my current read.

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Didn’t try the hot cakes since I was still quite full that time but I heard it was pretty good. And good news to all of you who are still schooling out there, this café has an acceptable price range too!

Mijinco Coffee
Address: Yushima San-gumi Bldg. 1F, 2-9-10 Yushima,
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 11.00AM - 08.00PM (Mon, Wed - Sun)
Closed first Monday of every month

 3. Yanaka Coffee

This one is also located at Bunkyo-ku, near my dormitory. However, it has 24 other stores in Tokyo so chances are you will bump into one near your place when you are visiting Tokyo. It sells pretty serious coffee beans and I was in the mood for classics that day so I got my refreshing basic Iced Americano, which to my surprise was really good for its really affordable price 🙂 So I ended up visiting them often to get my daily dose! :p

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Yanaka Coffee
Address:2-31-3 Sendagi, Bunkyo, Tokyo

DSCF9408 (1)

 4. Streamer Coffee Company Harajuku

Unlike its other branch at Shibuya, the Harajuku outlet is more suitable for to-go (or for taking a hipster photo of yourself sitting at the bench outside while sipping your coffee). I visited this place with O and we shared – for fear of caffeine overdose – a cup of Caramel Mudslide based on the barista’s recommendation. It was really good! Then we proceeded to take hipster photos of ourselves but failed miserably (LOL) so we… got on with life: strolling the streets of Harajuku while enjoying our warm cup of Caramel Mudslide – of course! 🙂


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Streamers Coffee (Harajuku)
Address: 3-28-19 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81 3 5772 6633
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 09.00AM to 06.00PM
Sat, Sun, PH: 12.00PM to 06.00PM


5. Café De L’ambre

If your hipster cafés were feisty lively teenagers in their 20s, this one would be your wise old man in his 70s, serving one of the best coffees out there since 1948. A coffee veteran, Café De L’ambre takes your coffee experience pretty seriously. It is slightly pricier than the other coffee shops, but the clear, exquisite taste of the coffee made from their fine quality beans makes the whole experience worth it.


Cafe De L'ambre
Address: 8 104 0061, 8 Chome-10-15 Ginza, Chuo,
Tokyo 104-0061, Japan


6. About Life Coffee Brewers

This one is located at Shibuya, with its fancy counter situated at the corner of the street complete with their friendly and fashionable baristas serving you one of the best cold brew out there – a perfect companion to energize you before your shop-till-you-drop experience at Shibuya 🙂 Price range is very acceptable too!


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About Life Coffee
Address: 1-19-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 08.30AM - 08.30PM (Everyday)

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