Ippin Cafe Bar Review: A Hidden Hangout at Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore


Located at Mohamed Sultan Road, Ippin Cafe Bar, which is led by Ayumi Fujishiro, is the place to go for Japanese home-style food.


Bright. Spacious. Homey.


Three words that perfectly describe the cafe-bar. The wall is lined with wooden shelves filled with premium Japanese snacks, condiments, cooking ingredients, teas, sake and even paper fiber clothing! What’s even better is that all the premium Japanese snacks and drinks are reasonably-priced 🙂

One drink that is worth mentioning is the Tsutsumi Brewery Plum Wine Kurahachi Umeshu (SGD 29 NETT – 720ml). Do start your meal with the plum wine to stimulate your appetite and to ease your digestion.


Another drink that many ladies will definitely love is the Kanaya Brewery Amazake Rice Juice (SGD 18 NETT – 500ml). This nutrient-rich sake, which uses Hokuriku rice for its natural sweetness, is famous among Japanese ladies as it is believed to promote beautiful skin 🙂



Ippin Cafe Bar also serves a range of classic Japanese food, all prepared with premium ingredients imported from Japan. But before you begin your meal, do not forget to order the Tsutsumi Brewery Plum Wine Kurahachi Umeshu that I mentioned earlier 😉 

Wasabi Salt or Ponzu Beef Steak (SGD 25 NETT)

The set comes with rice, salad, fries and miso soup.

Another new addition to Ippin Cafe Bar is the customizable Beef Steak. You will get to choose either the Wasabi salt or the Ponzu sauce to accompany the beef steak 🙂 My pick was the Wasabi seasoned salt and I thought it was delicious!

Quoting one of my favourite chefs:

“A flavoured salt is one of the simplest and most basic ways of finishing a dish – it’s so easy and tasty, yet hardly anyone does it”– Jamie Oliver

And I totally agree. Apart from sounding glamorous, the wasabi seasoned salt also enhanced the flavour of the steak! Simply sprinkle the flavoured salt over the steak or chips and you will taste the difference! 😉

Overall, I thought the steak was not bad but it would be even better had the meat been less chewy! 😀

Deep Fried Oyster Set (SGD 24 NETT)

The set comes with rice (with barley), Hatcho miso soup, Nikujaga pork and potato stew, salad and hojicha pudding (roasted green tea dessert) 😀

Did you know? Hiroshima Prefecture is the most famous area for oysters in Japan and they are raised in clean ocean, so do expect a “clean” taste for the oysters!!

To be honest, I am not a big fan of oysters so the highlight for this set menu was actually the Nikujaga Pork and Potato Stew. The stew was sweet yet savoury – and it went really well with the lightly-battered oysters.

3. Oyakodon Set (SGD 15 NETT)

Chicken & egg on rice! This set comes with miso soup and hojicha pudding!


We went for a food tasting session at Ippin and I would say many people liked the Oyakodon Set! According to the chef, the secret to the oishi Oyakodon is in the dashi (also known as the stock). The chicken is basically boiled with the dashi and that’s why the chicken was so tender and flavourful.

4. Yakisoba Set (SGD 12 NETT)

The set comes with Kobachi (small dish) and hojicha pudding.


Yakisoba, also known as Japanese stir fried noodles, is a very popular casual food and many Japanese love this dish! At Ippin Cafe Bar, the Yakisoba is cooked with a delicious savoury sauce 🙂

Head straight for the Hojicha pudding (roasted green tea dessert) to complete your dining experience!


For drinks, apart from the rice juice and wine, Ippin Cafe Bar also serves classic green tea (Sencha), green tea mixed with roasted brown rice (Genmaicha), roasted green tea (Hojicha) and hand-crafted beer.

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So happy to be able to personally meet Ms. Ayumi Fujishiro on that day 🙂

So, whether you are looking for home-cooked Japanese food or a great place to chill with friends or your co-workers after office hours, Ippin Cafe Bar is definitely the place that ticks all the boxes! 🙂


Disclaimer: This was a media tasting event and we were invited to review the establishment. Opinions in this blog post are ours.

PPS: Thank you for the tasting session. We definitely had a great time on that day 🙂


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