Hokkaido Attractions in Furano: Tomita Melon House

Hokkaido Attractions: Tomita Melon House

Thinking of visiting Hokkaido this summer but not sure where to go? Why not stop by Tomita Melon House in Furano to get your melon-fix? :p

If you are a melon-lover, then this is the place that you would not want to miss. If you are not exactly a melon person, here are a few reasons why you need to visit this awesome place!

– It is located right next to Farm Tomita – which is one of the largest lavender fields in Japan!

– It is the place to get the best soft serve and fruit tart! More details below 😀

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In general, traveling around Hokkaido can be quite difficult as the trains don’t run as often as they do in other major Japanese cities. Once you miss a train, it will easily mean another 30-minute wait in the train station. So, my advice is to check the train departure schedule properly and give yourself ample time to walk to the train station, so that you don’t miss any train. FYI, the walking distance to the train station can be quite far too! 🙂

If you are planning to visit Furano, do check the train schedules in advance. There may be express trains available during your visit. One of the express trains is Furano Lavender Express train which is available in summer, usually between June and August. With this train, it will only take you around 2 hours to reach Furano from Sapporo.

There are two services each day per route:

From Sapporo to Furano

No. 1  Leave Sapporo at 07.55AM – Arrive in Furano at 09.52AM

No.3  Leave Sapporo at 09.05AM – Arrive in Furano at 11.00AM

From Furano to Sapporo

No. 2  Leave Furano at 16.49 – Arrive in Sapporo at 19.03

No. 4  Leave Furano at 17.36 – Arrive in Sapporo at 19.37


My friends and I took the Furano Lavender Express train to Furano. Then we continued with Furano Biei Norokko Train to Lavender Field station. From there, we walked for around 7mins to get to Farm Tomita. 

If you are planning to visit Furano, Lavender field and a few other locations, you should get the Furano Biei Rail Ticket pass – it is valid for 4 days and it costs either ¥5,550 (for Sapporo departure) or ¥7,610 (for New Chitose Airport Departure).

Sales period for this pass is from May 6 – October 9, 2015. The pass is valid from June 6 – October 12, 2015Do take note of the validity of the pass!

tomita melon house
Tomita Melon House!

Once you arrive in Farm Tomita, the first cafe that you will see is the Tomita Melon House. There are so many desserts to try in this cafe but be sure to time yourself well as you could easily spend more than 2 hours chilling in this cafe. My friends and I took really long to decide which dessert to try. By the time we got up to leave, we realised that we had spent more than 2 hours in this cafe – we were definitely too excited about this place!

hokkaido attractions
The ice-cream stall! Look at the menu! Don’t you wish you could order each one of them!?!?
tomita melon house
Melon Soft Serve – major love! It was remarkably light and smooth!!

Curious, each one of us ordered melon soft serve for ourselves – and hands down to the best soft serve that I’ve ever tried (I’m probably a little bit biased here because I love melon very much!!).

Anyway, soft-serves are softer compared to regular ice creams, as air is introduced in the freezing period during the making process. As a result, it melts at a rate that is way faster than ice cream – so take your photos quickly!! 😀

hokkaido attractions



tomita melon house

hokkaido attractions

The Bread & Cakes stall

tomita melon house

This is, by far, my favourite fruit tart! First, the tart was topped with my favourite fruit of all time – really sweet melon. Secondly, the tart was crispy on the outside, yet so smooth and moist on the inside. The sweetness was perfect as well! Definitely something that is worth trying at Tomita Melon House.



hokkaido attractions
The melon pan that reminds me of Roti Boy (the Mexican Bread) xD

While my friend was contemplating whether she should get this melon pan or not, she overheard a Singaporean uncle complaining about this bun:

Eh, this one tastes like Kaya leh! Not special one!

She was so disappointed to hear that comment, but nonetheless, she decided to try it anyway – Well, even if it sucked, at least it would still taste like Kaya (right?) 🙂

So, did it really taste like Kaya? Well, it was sweet, and colour-wise it did resemble Kaya. But it definitely did NOT taste like Kaya! It was pretty good, but nothing extraordinary.

Among everything that I tried, I would definitely recommend you to try the Melon soft serve, fresh melon and melon tart at Tomita Melon House 🙂

Tomita Melon House

Address:3-32 Miyamachi, Sorachi-gun, Nakafurano-cho
071-0714, Hokkaido
(Located right next to Farm Tomita)
Phone No:+81 167-39-3333
Opening hours: 09.00AM to 05.00PM (June to Sept)
Website: http://www.tomita-m.co.jp/



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