The Bento People: Who Said Healthy Can’t Be Tasty?

Do you love your Korean BBQs and greasy American burgers and saccharine sweet cupcakes? Me too! Do you hate vegetables and salads and think that anything with a “HEALTHY” label on it is simply not tasty? Me think so too!

That was until I met The Bento People, anyway 😉

The Bento People is established by the people behind The Snack Culture Company, to promote healthy and balanced eating amongst the general public. The menu consists of various healthy foods served in all kinds of imaginative ways, resulting in that million-dollar combination of healthy dishes that taste REALLY YUMMY. I really don’t eat veggies (or all kinds of raw health foods. Don’t you feel like a goat eating raw grass???) and all my friends know this, so if I say it’s good – you can trust me 😉

Part of the balanced-diet regime? Healthy snacks!!
Part of the balanced-diet regime? Healthy snacks!!

The highlights of a meal at The Bento People is their Make Your Own Bento lunch set (available Monday to Saturday, 11am to 3pm). They serve four types of grains and more than a dozen different dishes, out of which you can choose three to make a complete set. The owner, Tat Hon (or Doc ;), creates the dishes himself and he makes sure each one will contribute to a balanced diet composition – all fibers and carb and protein!

Brown Rice, Tom Yum Minestrone and Beef Bulgogi!
Brown Rice, Tom Yum Minestrone and Beef Bulgogi!

I particularly loved the Sous Vide Chicken Breast done Chinese Emperor Herbal Chicken Style (woah that’s a mouthful!) and Tom Yum Minestrone (a veggie stew inspired by Thai Tom Yum and Italian Minestrone). From the grains section, I really liked the Signature Brown Rice with Fresh Herbs – didn’t know brown rice could be so tasty!

Other signature offerings include Signature Red Rice with Chinese Olive Vegetables, Quinoa Salad with Yuzu Balsamic dressing, The Nonya Salad, and Bulgogi Beef. Fun fact? The Nonya Salad has quite a romantic background story to it because it was inspired by the Doc’s wife, who’s apparently of Peranakan descent! Quite one to choose for all the hopeless romantics out there. And this is really my personal opinion, but the bulgogi beef was exactly what you’d expect from a bulgogi beef dish, and nothing special. In light of all the other, relatively more imaginative dishes, I’d say be more adventurous and try the other stuff 😉

While we were there the Doc also whipped up a Korean-inspired cauliflower dish and it was THE BOMB. It wasn’t on the menu yet, and he was contemplating whether or not he should put it up. We all unanimously agreed that he should. If it’s available when you visit, do yourself a favour and try it! 

Spicy Tunisian Duo (SGD 12.9)
Tunisian Spicy Duo (SGD 12.9)


Japanese Quinoa Bowl (SGD 12.9)
Japanese Quinoa Bowl (SGD 12.9)

Apart from the lunch bentos, The Bento People also has a Saturday brunch menu, available from 10am to 3pm. It consists of more healthy food, including exotic names like Greek Tzatziki Quinoa Bowl, Tunisian Spicy Duo and Japanese Quinoa Bowl. They were yummy but I preferred the bento menu!

All in all The Bento People is a really good initiative. If I worked in the area I’d go every day for lunch, and even now I’ll gladly travel to Kallang on the weekends to eat that cauliflower dish again. The Bento People should probably do a partnership with corporate offices and cater lunch boxes for employees in the CBD – looking at the options I see everyday around town and the ever-crowded food courts, I’d say people will reaaaally love it. I know I will!

The Bento People by The Snack Culture Company
#02-27 CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue
Singapore 339407
Tel: (65) 6443 2006
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 11am to 3pm (excl PH)
Website || Facebook || Instagram

Disclaimer: This was an invited media tasting. All opinions are mine. Thank you to Doc and The Bento People for hosting us!


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