Best Coffee in CBD, Singapore

Working in the city? Always in need of a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee to start your day? Me too! But do you know which coffee roasters are good around Singapore’s central business district – more familiarly known as the CBD – area? Here are my top three coffee spots in the area, so after reading this post, you’ll know where to get some of the best coffee in Singapore CBD! 😉

List of best coffee in CBD, Singapore:

1. MavRx Coffee Apothecary – Duxton Hill

Located in one of the tiny alleys in Duxton Hill, MavRx Coffee definitely serves one of the best coffee in Singapore. It is, in fact, my favourite coffee roaster in this area.

Here, they serve AllPress coffee, which has a tinge of delicious chocolate notes. Also, the one-man barista coffee roaster does not differentiate white coffee, so for those who are always confused whether you should get a latte, cappuccino or flat white, here, at Mavrx coffee, you just need to order white (SGD 5) 🙂

Piccolo latte in chocolate waffle cone

I assure you every corner of Mavrx is just so pretty and insta-worthy – from the monochrome tiles, the wooden benches to the cute coffee cups with inspiring quotes to get you through work (such as “Get Shit Done!”).  So do try to visit this place when you are around the area <3

best coffee cbd singapore

Good news to everyone who does not work near Duxton Hill, Mavrx Coffee is now open on Saturdays too 😉

best coffee in cbd, singapore

MavRx Coffee Apothecary
Address: 1A Duxton Hill (located next to MEATLiquor)
Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri 08.30AM - 04.30PM
Sat 10.30AM - 04.30PM

2. Stamping Ground Coffee House – Club Street

best coffee in cbd, singapore

Stamping Ground is a tiny coffee house that is very easy to miss, as it perfectly blends in with the entrance to Emerald Garden Condominium.

Stamping Ground is the favoured coffee house for working professionals around Club Street as it is practically one of the few coffee houses found along this street. If you don’t already know, this street is filled with bars after bars after bars… You get what I mean.

The beans that they use here is from Papa Palheta – known for its premium gourmet coffee 🙂

Besides black and white coffees, Stamping Ground also serves cold brews, teas and other caffeine-free beverages such as Chia Seed Pomegranate (SGD 6) and Almond Nut Milk (SGD 8) – just to name a few. They also serve simple pastries (plain croissant and pain au chocolat) and  breakfast sandwiches, like ham & cheese sandwich.

As this coffee house is located only about 50 metres away from my office, sometimes I will place some of my baked goods here too. So, do follow @stampinggroundcoffee and @ovictoriana7 on Instagram to get the latest update about the next bake sale 🙂


  • Do you know that you can get Stamping Ground’s signature black cold brew at SGD 2.20 (U.P SGD 6) through Sugar App?

For those who need to refill your Sugar credit, you can use the following codes to get discount:

Key in:

OVIC30 to get SGD 30 credit at SGD 20

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  • You can get 1 free cup on your 10th purchase! So don’t forget to ask for your loyalty card 🙂
Stamping Ground Coffee House
Address: 31 Club Street (just look for Emerald Garden condominium or Spizza)
Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri 08.00AM - 05.00PM
Sat 10.00AM - 03.00PM

3. Sarnies – Telok Ayer Street

An ex-colleague of mine would willingly walk to Sarnies, which is located at Telok Ayer street, to get his daily dose of caffeine every single morning – this was before Stamping Ground and Mavrx existed.

I always wondered what was so special about the coffee at Sarnies that he would be so willing to walk there every day. So one morning, I decided to give it a try and finally, I understood why he would rather walk 400m to get his coffee than to get it from another coffee shop around our office.

best coffee in cbd, singapore
The coffee at Sarnies has a strong,  intense flavour and this is because they are made with a double ristretto 🙂 Besides coffee, Sarnies is also known for its salad, breakfast and brunch menu.

Good coffee? Check. Great food? Check. So what are you waiting for? Bring your friend along to Sarnies for an awesome afternoon coffee-hopping session this weekend 🙂


  • Get one-for-one main course from The Entertainer App
  • Get Sarnies’ fresh roasted coffee at SGD 3.60 (U.P SGD 5) via Sugar app.
Address: 136 Telok Ayer Street
Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri 07.30AM - 11.00PM
Sat - Sun 09.00AM - 04.00PM



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