Comb Hair Studio: Korean Digital Perm Review, Singapore

Can you guess what is the one thing that I will never forget to bring whenever I travel? The answer is………. my hair curler! Those who have traveled with me will know that my hair curler is forever in my packing list 🙂

Being the usual Asian born with naturally super-straight hair, I cannot help but feel very frustrated over my unattractive hairstyle. So to salvage this too-flat-hair situation, I have always had to use a hair curler to create an illusion of thicker and more volumised hair. This is especially so when I am traveling, because everyone wants to have great pictures when they travel, right? 🙂

Comb Hair Studio: Korea Digital Perm Review

Comb hair studio

After being dependent on hair curlers for a few years, I finally decided to perm my hair permanently recently, as my daily hair-styling with the curler is just taking so much of my time. I started looking for the right hair salon but it was not easy, especially when there are tons of good options in Singapore – duh! Luckily, a colleague of mine recommended me this salon that is located only about 200m away from our office, it is called The Comb Hair Studio.

Comb hair studio Located at one of the most hipster places in Singapore, The Comb Hair Studio is surrounded by many restaurants and bars such as Club Street Social, O’batignolles, and Drinks & Co. among many others.

Comb hair studio

Leading the team is one of Singapore’s leading Creative Directors, Rina Kil, who is well-trained in creative styling and chemical treatments. My colleague mentioned that Rina herself is actually famous for the digital perm and volume rebonding treatment 🙂

Comb hair studio

Fast forward to the D-day, which was about one week after I decided to perm my hair, my colleague and I visited the salon straight after work. I did the digital perm with Senior Stylist, Cici while my colleague went for the volume rebonding with Rina.

Cici, who had just moved to Singapore for a couple of weeks now, has more than 7 years’ worth of experience and has practised her skills in various countries, such as Malaysia, Australia and Singapore, in order to improve her hair styling skills 🙂 To my surprise, I was actually her first customer on that day but honestly, I was not anxious or afraid on that day because I knew that I was in very good hands 🙂

True enough, after waiting for more than 2.5 hours, it was finally time to reveal the new hair. I was so impressed by the result that I could not stop smiling at myself in the mirror. The curls looked so natural and my hair had so much volume! Hair curling was neither an easy nor short process, but the outcome was definitely worth the wait.

Comb hair studio If you have the same issue with your hair and you are interested to do digital perm, I would highly recommend you to do it at The Comb Hair Studio. I assure you the result won’t disappoint and in addition to that, currently they are having a special promotion: SGD 168 for wash and blow, hair cut and digital perm (or volume rebonding) 🙂 I am not sure how long this promotion will last so hurry up girls 😉

Now I just need hair dryer and curl cream to style my hair 😀 Thanks for the lovely makeover Comb Hair Studio <3
The Comb Hair Studio
Address: 12 Gemmil Lane, S069252
Phone: +65 6438 3138
Click here to visit their website


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    1. Hi Diane,

      It’s been around 3months now and they still look fine! 🙂
      If you want it to last longer, you can tell them to make it more curly. I didn’t want it to be too curly so I asked for loose curls – it should last somewhere between 3-6months.

      Hope this helps 🙂