The BEST Brunch Spot in Sydney: The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria

This cafe is probably the most famous café in this side of the world. If you follow any blogger or influencer at all, you would’ve seen Instagram shots from The Grounds when these people visit Sydney. So naturally, being the kiasu and experience-collecting person that I often am, a visit to Alexandria was high on my priority list when I was recently in the ‘hood.

True to its fame, The Grounds did not disappoint. In a city where really good brunch establishments can be found at every corner, this one takes the cake. I’m going to make this bold statement once and for all: if you only have time to visit ONE brunch place in Sydney, visit The Grounds of Alexandria.

The Grounds of Alexandria cafe
Takeaway counter laden with cakes, packets of coffee and other goodies!
The Grounds of Alexandria cafe
The bustling cafe on a weekend

The Grounds of Alexandria cafe

The Grounds of Alexandria
Outdoor space at The Garden, perfect for a lovely sunny day!

I was there on a weekend and the place was super bustling. It wasn’t so much a cafe as a sprawling establishment made up of several different spaces. We had a table at The Cafe – it was a big indoors space housed in an industrial-styled building. There was also The Garden – an outdoor seating area, with different (super appealing) stalls and trucks from which you can get food. It worked almost like two different restaurants; you could only order takeaway from the cafe if you wanted to sit in the gardens.

The Grounds of Alexandria
Fresh lemonade from the lemonade stall, anyone?
The Grounds of Alexandria
Freshly-made doughnuts… yum!

The Grounds of Alexandria

Exploring the place was like walking through a festival of some sorts, with all the different food trucks and decorations and signposts. It happened to be a lovely, clear day when I visited too, so every spot was just so photo-worthy.

The Grounds Florals by Silva

The Grounds of Alexandria

At the back there was a very pretty florist, The Grounds Florals by Silva, spouting a huge display of colourful, totally Instagrammable blooms. On top of that, there was also The Potting Shed – a homey watering hole you’d want to spend evenings in with a bunch of friends.

The Grounds of Alexandria
Chef’s Brekkie Pan (AUD 19) – two soft-poached eggs, kassler bacon, roast roma tomatoes, button mushrooms, chicken chipolatas, hollandaise and baby italian loaf.

The Grounds of Alexandria

The food at the cafe itself was super good. I ordered the Chef’s Brekkie Pan (AUD 19) and I totally loved the baby italian loaf. The outer crust was quite tough but I had fun peeling it from the inside, which was fluffy and soft and buttery and everything that a fantastic piece of bread should be.

If you are a coffee lover, you’ll find paradise here. The Grounds is famous for its coffee. My brunch partners ordered flat whites and they said it was really, really good. And not to mention very pretty.

by far my favourite stall 😉
The Grounds of Alexandria
outdoor space at The Gardens

After our meal at the cafe, we bought cakes from the pastry truck outside and grabbed a bench at the gardens. Both the truck and the cafe served the same cakes, actually, but we wanted a change of scene and it was so lovely outside too! There were so many options so we just picked what looked nicest to us, and everything was simply delicious.

While we were eating cake, one of my brunch mates commented, “you know you can just spend all day here: come in the morning and eat breakfast at the cafe, come out here and drink some coffee, and then get a doughnut, and then eat some barbecue for lunch, and then drink some lemonade, and then have some tea and eat cake.” And she was absolutely spot on.

So if you are ever in Sydney, do yourself a favour and make sure to include The Grounds of Alexandria in your to-do list. It hits ALL the right spots and I can’t recommend this place enough.

P.S.: Reservations are a MUST.

The Grounds of Alexandria
Address: Building 7A, 2 Huntley St.
Alexandria, NSW 2015, Australia
Phone: +61 (2) 9699 2225
Click here for opening hours
Click here for reservations
Click here for menus
Getting there: The nearest train station is Green Square, and it is around a 10-15min walk from there. But it's worth the walk, trust me. Or don't bother and just call an Uber ;)


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