The Populus Coffee and Food Co., Singapore

New cafe in Singapore? Again? You probably are not surprised since new cafe opens every other day in Singapore. But this cafe that we are about to tell you is definitely worth-visiting!

Populus Coffee and Food Co. is brought to you by the same people behind the Department of Caffeine. Since we love that other hipster hangout in Duxton, this fact alone already gave Populus Coffee enough credentials for us to want to go and try it ;D

The cafe opened for its soft launch in late October, but when we were there it didn’t feel like a soft launch at all! The food was lovely and the service was top notch. One thing that we noticed from our visit was that there were only (good-looking!) male servers, not sure if it’s just pure coincidence or a strategy… to attract all the ladies, perhaps? ;p

We tried four of their main dishes and to be honest, everything that we tried was really good! O’s personal favourites would be the Beef Pappardelle and Buckwheat Pancake…… oh and maybe the Populus Scramble too! A’s favourite is the one dish O didn’t find special – the Spring Pancake with Fried Chicken. It’s really too difficult to pick one as we loved every dish from this cafe 🙂

The Populus Scramble (SGD 17)

Buttery croissant topped with scrambled eggs and bacon – that would be the simplest description to describe this dish!

The croissant was buttery and flaky and it reminded O a lot of the plain croissant with 50% additional butter that she had in Tokyo a couple of months ago. It was really difficult to chew the pastry (O just had braces fixed on! yay!), but she just couldn’t stop eating the croissant! That’s just how good this dish was.

Spring Pancake and Fried Chicken (SGD 21)

This was A’s favourite dish. The pancake was so unique because it had greens and sweetcorn inside, and somehow is reminiscent of perkedel jagung (sweetcorn fritters), a popular snack in Indonesia that A particularly likes. On top of that the fried chicken was crispy and salty and everything a sinfully delicious dish should be. Definitely a must-try!!

Buckwheat Pancake (SGD 18.5)

Never (ever) judge a book by its cover. Yes, it may not be as pretty as the pancake from Curious Pallete or Ricotta Hotcakes from Paddy Hills but in our humble opinion, this is waaaaay better than the two.

The pancake looked a little bit dry but it was definitely not the case! Topped with passionfruit curd, berry fruit compote, cornflake crumb and butter, this buckwheat pancake was definitely one of the most enjoyable pancakes we have ever tried. The texture is a bit bread-y, but still moist and oh-so-good!! Some pancakes are usually good for sharing as the taste can be quite overwhelming after some time but surely it is not the case for this pancake. We may not want to share this with anyone else on our next visit to The Populus 🙂

Beef Ragu Pappardelle (SGD 18)

Ever since O put braces on, eating normal food has been quite a challenge. Beef is ultimately a no-no because it is usually very tough. Nonetheless, we decided to order it. After all, we usually can’t say no to pasta, can we?

The pasta was very well-prepared indeed. The beef was tender and flavourful and very easy to eat! Ha. A personally has tried better renditions, but those were always at specialty Italian restaurants, so the Populus version passes!

populus cafe
Strawberry Sundae (SGD 13) 

Make sure you don’t leave Populus cafe until you have tried their sundae! O had the Strawberry sundae on her second visit which was Tahitian vanilla soft serve topped with meringues, pistachio crumbs and pomegranate seeds. So yummy!!

Do try the Populus’ sundae if you are looking for a light and refreshing dessert! 🙂

We definitely had a great time at The Populus Coffee this past weekend. Did not get a chance to try their coffee so this calls for a next visit (very soon). We can’t wait to see what the other dishes have to offer! 😉

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.
Address: 146 Neil Road, S088875 (Opposite Pinnacle at Duxton)
Phone: +65 6635 8420
Opening hours: Daily 10.00AM - 07.00PM (last order at 06.00PM)


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