Skygarden Club Review: Largest Club in Legian, Bali

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By: Harry Akbar

Skygarden club review

It was close to mid-night but all my senses came to life as soon as I stepped down the car; live band was jamming in some pub nearby, hot (probably drunk) ladies were dancing, and I could smell that distinct mixed scent of tobacco and alcohol in the air. Oh yeah, here I was again at Legian, one of Bali’s best streets to party.

Legian is just my kind of place: a little messy, a little noisy, a little shady. Tonnes of bars, pubs, and clubs line up along this street which connects Seminyak at its North and Kuta at its South.

skygarden club review
You can expect heavy traffic along Legian street even at night

First thing first, my friends and I needed some pre-game drinks to kick start the night so we hopped from one bar to another. Apache was especially memorable among the rest. It is an amazing reggae bar with live band where people can smoke hookah, drink, and dance.

skygarden club review
Jagerbomb, the best fuel for all-night partying

After a few rounds, we then headed down to the mother of all late-night hangout places on Legian Street, SkyGarden, which boasts a total of 8 pubs and clubs. The entertainment centre also claims to have the best club in Bali which we would like to proof.

After a rather short queue, we were given the drink menu and decided to open a bottle of Belvedere so we could get the VIP couch at the side of one of its dance floors. The damage was about IDR 1.85 million (less than SGD 185) so it was pretty reasonably priced.


skygarden club review
The illuminated bottle was pretty cool!

It was the “International” night so we were first welcomed in one of the clubs by remixes and mashups of popular international hits from a couple of Western DJs. All of us thought the music was pretty good and the crowd was very lively! Though I was not entirely sure whether they were so excited because of the music or by the Bintang beer they were gulping.



So we drank, danced, played stupid drinking games and suddenly… WOAH, there was a fire dance.

skygarden club review
SO HOT! For the avoidance of doubt, I was referring to the fire.

From there onwards, it just got better with laser light show and a hot blonde DJ spinning on stage. Everyone started to climb and fill the small platform right in front of the DJ table with trance beats pumping up the mood. It could get a little hot with the huge crowd inside so they would even spray you with fire extinguisher while you were dancing.


Skygarden club review
Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss
skygarden club review
First, let me take a selfie…..

But when we were almost done with our bottle, the waitress quickly requested us to finish our drinks and move away. We were a little disappointed with the bad service, but of course we were in no mood to argue so we just quickly bottomed up our drinks and left with a bitter taste.

To be fair, the overall experience was quite good because the choice of music was alright, the crowd was fun, the DJ was sexy, and the drinks were not too expensive. They should improve their customer service, however, when they are claiming to be the best club in Bali.


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