Singapore Eats: Masizzim at [email protected] Review

One fine day, both my sister and I had cravings for Korean food. After checking a few posts on Instagram, we decided to try out this new place called Masizzim at [email protected]

Initially I was wondering – why name a Korean restaurant “Masizzim”? It does not sound Korean at all! Should not it be something like Jjim Dae Bak, Kim Dae Bak or something along those lines? Well apparently, Masizzim is derived from Masi (short for 맛있다 or masissda, which means “yummy”) + Zzim (for 찜 or Jjim, meaning “stew”), and you get Masizzim! 😉 Ahhh so now we know the story behind the name 🙂

This restaurant specialising in stews (as the name explains!) is run by the same folks behind Chir Chir Chicken, also located at [email protected] I have yet to try Chir Chir, but after trying Masizzim, I am pretty sure the food there is good too 🙂

Masizzim at [email protected] Review

Masizzim Tomato Cheese Kimchi Pancake
Tomato Cheese Kimchi Pancake

We started with their Korean pancakes. There were three types of pancakes for us to choose from: Tomato Cheese Kimchi Pancake (as seen in the picture above), Squid & Leek and last but not least, Potato Pancake.

I tried both the Tomato Cheese Kimchi and Squid & Leek pancakes, and I like the latter better!

We also tried the Masizzim Rice Bowl. If you decide to order this, which I would highly recommend, get ready to put on your gloves and have fun! 🙂

The Masizzim Rice Bowl comes in two flavours – either tuna or anchovies. We picked tuna, and it came topped with kimchi, tuna flakes, seaweed with sesame seeds and mayonnaise.
masizzim review

Just mix them a little bit and roll them into rice balls! There you have it, self-rolled tuna rice balls 😀

I don’t like anchovies, so I didn’t try the other rice bowl option. And afterwards I found out from other reviews that most people found the tuna option nicer. So yay!

And finally, we also had the most-anticipated dish, which was the signature stew! 🙂

To order the stews, first you need to pick the meat of your choice: pork, beef or chicken. Then, select the level of spiciness. If you cannot take spicy food, I would recommend level 1. Lastly, pick your noddles: Korean-styled udon or glass noodles.  masizzim review

I definitely had a great time at Masizzim that I decided to come back for a second visit a few weeks after! Some of the recommended dishes would be the Signature Stew, Tuna Rice Bowl and Squid & Leek Pancake!

If you have tried Masizzim, do let us know what your favourite dishes from the restaurant are! 🙂


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