Guide to Tokyo DisneySea, Japan

tokyo disney sea

Tokyo DisneySea is one of the most popular attraction for tourists visiting the Japanese capital. Let me cut through the chase and give you the conclusion now: if you are a Disney fan, it is a MUST VISIT. If you are not, well… visit anyway and you will totally be converted.

As for me, let’s just say Tokyo DisneySea has got to be the prettiest theme park I’ve ever been to. It’s seriously just gorgeous, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking throughout this guide!

tokyo disneysea
Mediterranean Harbour at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disney Resort vs Universal Studios Japan?

This ultimately is a personal choice, but all six of us who travelled together preferred Tokyo DisneySea over Universal Studios Japan. And some of us are BIG Harry Potter fans, mind you. So if you can only visit one theme park in your entire Japan trip… you know which one to pick between the two (arguably) most popular ones 😉

tokyo disneysea
Aladdin’s Agrabah at Tokyo Disneysea’s Arabian Coast
tokyo disneysea
Exploring the Arabian Coast!

Tokyo DisneySea vs Tokyo Disneyland?

Tokyo DisneySea, together with Tokyo Disneyland, make up the Tokyo Disney Resort. The most frequently asked question is – if you can only pick one, which park to visit?

tokyo disneyland
Sleeping Beauty Castle at Tokyo Disneyland – so pretty!

I only had a chance to look around Tokyo Disneyland in the evening for a bit, so I might not be able to give the best recommendation. But every single person who had visited both parks had recommended Tokyo DisneySea over its -Land counterpart. Apparently it’s more gorgeous and has more thrilling rides, while Tokyo Disneyland is more geared towards kids.

How to get to Tokyo DisneySea?

The easiest way is to take the train to JR Maihama Station. There are also direct buses to JR Maihama Station from Shinjuku Station (50 minutes), Tokyo Station (35 minutes), or Akhibara Station (35 minutes). For more details visit this page here>>

Once at JR Maihama Station, take the South Exit and walk to Resort Gateway Station. Take the Disney Resort Line, a monorail that circles the entire Tokyo Disney Resort, and alight at Tokyo DisneySea Station. A single ticket that enables you to ride one full loop costs JPY 260 (~SGD 3) per adult.

How to buy Tokyo DisneySea tickets?

A one-day passport costs JPY 6900 (~SGD 70) per person, and is valid for admission to one park only. A two-day passport costs JPY 12,400 (~SGD 130) and is valid for admission to both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland. For more ticketing options, click here>>

The safest way to get tickets is to reserve them online and print your e-Tickets. You can do that at the Tokyo Disney Resort official website here>>

tokyo disneysea
Venetian facade that greets you as you enter through the ticket gates!

You can also get your tickets on the same day, by visiting the ticket booths located in front of the respective parks starting from 1 hour before park opening times. However on days with high attendance, you might not be able to get tickets, so it’s best to reserve online!

Must-visit Rides and Attractions?

My travel companions agreed that the best, most exciting and fun ride in Tokyo DisneySea is Tower of Terror, housed in this gorgeous building called Hotel Hightower at the park’s American Waterfront area. So apparently you sit in an elevator and get shot up to the very top, from where you can get a breathtaking view of the park. And then you will free fall down, with the elevator stopping at different levels to reveal various exciting sights.

tokyo disneysea
Hotel Hightower – arguably the most impressive building in the park!
Hotel Hightower at dusk. Loving the colours and the light!
Hotel Hightower at dusk. Loving the colours and the light!

My other favourite rides from Tokyo DisneySea are Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull and Raging Spirits (a wooden roller coaster) at the park’s Lost River Delta area, and Journey to the Center of the Earth at Mysterious Island.

tokyo disneysea
Mysterious Island at Tokyo DisneySea
tokyo disneysea
Sailing away at the Lost River Delta

Also make sure you don’t miss Fantasmic, a water-themed night-time show at the park’s central Mediterranean Harbour.

You can use the FASTPASS at all the rides I’ve mentioned, so make sure you make the best of it. FASTPASS is a Disneyland system that gives you a set admission time for a specific attraction. You can wait in a “virtual queue”, and meanwhile explore other things in the park while you wait for your admission time. For more on FASTPASS, click here>>

tokyo disneysea
sunset at Mediterranean Harbour <3
Sunset colours at the American Waterfront
Sunset colours at the American Waterfront

So that’s it! Let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed any important bits relating to Tokyo DisneySea, or if you have other tips and tricks that can make for a perfect visit to the theme park!


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