SF Eats: Where to Eat in San Francisco

Often casually referred to as “The Bay Area”, San Francisco is well-known for its crimson bridge, gleaming bay and the ever bustling Union Square. It was the first city that I visited on my trip to the United States earlier this year, and it was undeniably a place full of charm and surprises.There is so much to share from my U.S trip but to kick off the U.S series, I will start by sharing my list of where to eat in San Francisco!

Where to Eat in San Francisco: Mission District

Craftsman & Wolves

Take a stroll down to Craftsman & Wolves if you are around Mission district and satisfy your cravings for sweet baked goods. Helmed by Chef William Werner, Craftsman & Wolves is a contemporary patisserie and cafe that offers an ever changing menu of breakfast pastries, cakes, breads, desserts and lunch seven days a week.


With over 15 years’ experience, Chef William churns out excellent desserts and pastries that you would not want to miss.

Craftsman & Wolves
Address: 746 Valencia Street
at 18th Street, San Francisco
Phone: 415 913 7713
Opening hours:
Mon - Thurs: 7AM to 6PM
Fri: 7AM to 7PM
Sat: 8AM to 7PM
Sun: 8AM - 6PM

Tartine Bakery

You definitely do not want to miss Tartine bakery – purveyor of croissants, breads, tarts and other breakfast goodies – located also in Mission district. They serve arguably the best banana cream tart and croissants in town! Don’t let me start on the croissants. They are crumble-in-your-mouth flaky on the outside with soft spirals of tender and buttery layers on the inside – definitely a must-try when you are at Tartine.

If you are looking for other legit breakfast items, do try their bread pudding – imagine pillows of brioche soaked in vanilla custard and topped with a daily selection of fruits – or the fresh morning bun but you have to come early to get your hands on this!

Morning Bun x Croissant <3

There are definitely many things that you HAVE to try at Tartine bakery, so going carb-overload is quite inevitable when you are here! Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen! 🙂


Tartine Bakery
Address: 600 Guerrero Street, 
San Francisco
Phone: 415 487 2600
Opening hours: 
Mon: 8AM to 7PM
Tue - Wed: 730AM to 7PM
Thurs - Fri: 730AM to 8PM
Sat - Sun: 8AM - 8PM

Where to Eat in San Francisco: Chinatown

Golden Gate Bakery

Another thing that San Francisco is well-known for is Chinatown, as it is the largest Chinatown outside Asia. So make sure to visit Chinatown when you are in the Bay Area, because here’s where you find the best egg tarts and dim sum!


One place that is worth mentioning is Golden Gate Bakery, known for the tons of people lining up for their famous egg tarts! They were seriously really good – the crust was flaky and the egg tarts had the perfect amount of sweetness 🙂


Before visiting this place, I read multiple reviews online and all I saw was people complaining about the long line outside the bakery even before it is open. Being a true Asian, I decided to come early to queue (well, partially because I wanted to explore Chinatown as well). The funny part was I actually could not spot this bakery, as I was trying to find a long line outside a bakery and there was none. It turned out that I was too early and ended up being the first one in line! Hahaha. The line did form 5 minutes after I arrived though.


Don’t forget to bring enough cash if you are going to visit Golden Gate Bakery as they only accept cash.

Golden Gate Bakery
Address: 1029 Grant Avenue,
San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: +1 415-781-2627

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

I got baked in San Francisco

You know, that bright pink neon signage that was all over Instagram.

If you ask people the two things that they would do at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, one is definitely queuing up for the cruffin and the other one is probably taking photos of the neon logo backdrop.

If you are wondering what a cruffin is, it is basically a hybrid of croissant and muffin, rolled in sugar and then filled with pastry cream. What is special about cruffin at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is that they change the filling daily so you never know what you will get.

Unfortunately for me, I only managed to do the latter must-do activity. One advice: if you want to get a hold of a cruffin (or two!), come early and wait in line. They only start serving at a certain time everyday, so check their website for cruffin time 😉


Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Address: 1042 Larkin St,
San Francisco, CA.
Opening hours:
Weekdays: 7AM - 2.30PM
Weekends: 8AM - 3.30PM
Website: http://www.mrholmesbakehouse.com/
Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is also available in LA and Seoul

House of Nanking

Sesame chicken!! That is for sure the one thing that you need to get at House of Nanking. Although if you want to try this delicious-beyond-belief chicken dish, you would probably need to wait as this place is known to have long lines outside its door.



House of Nanking
Address:919 Kearny Street,
San Francisco
Phone: 415 421 1429
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 11AM to 9PM
Sat - Sun: 12AM to 9PM


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