Travel Tips: Travel Deals and Cash Back on ShopBack Singapore

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The end-of-year holiday season is coming soon, and I am pretty sure given the chance all of us would love to travel somewhere! However, traveling during this period would also mean expensive flight tickets and accommodation, and that we wouldn’t love as much. So, what do we do? Short answer: ShopBack travel deals and cash back scheme 😉

Maybe visit Australia during summer?
Or weekend trip to Ho Chi Minh?

Let’s admit it, not all of us are patient and meticulous enough to scour the internet for the latest travel deals and discounts. O for one is particularly good at this, but A doesn’t really care for the hassle :p But who doesn’t love good travel deals?? Which is why, we got pretty excited when we were recently invited to try out ShopBack Singapore – an online platform that gives you cashback on your online transactions, including travel bookings. On top of the guaranteed cashback, ShopBack offers discounts on selected online merchants too! These includes deals from Expedia, Agoda and

Too good to be true? Well in any case we think it’s one very easy way to save on your upcoming travels, especially if (like A) you think keeping an eye out for the latest discounts takes too much effort 😉

ShopBack Singapore Travel Deals – earn cash back on your online shopping, travel booking and voucher purchases!


So how does it work? Here’s a very quick step-by-step:

  1. Sign up / create an account on the ShopBack Singapore website
  2. Find your usual travel merchants on the ShopBack list. Most of the popular go-to travel merchants for Singaporeans are listed on ShopBack, including Agoda,, Expedia, and more!
  3. Click on “Shop Now” (make sure you are happy with the Terms and Conditions 😉 and you’ll be redirected straight to the merchant’s website.
  4. Make your bookings as per usual!

Simple, right? You can read the complete guide here>>, but this video below is a good example on how ShopBack works with a travel merchant such as Expedia –

Up to date, the two of us combined have gone on more than 30+ trips for both work and holiday this year. On hindsight, we totally should have used ShopBack for all the other travel bookings we’ve made – imagine the savings?!

Interested to try out ShopBack after reading this post? 😉 Why not get started with some great online shopping coupons here?


A little side note – one of our very good friends V is crazy about Tmall and AliExpress, and has been shopping through ShopBack. She has earned SGD 70++ in cash just after 3 purchases. If you are an avid online shopper you can see ALL the online e-commerce stores available on ShopBack here. You can thank us later 😉

Happy travel planning, good folks – let us know about your travel adventures (and savings adventures too)!


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