Seven Seeds: Favourite Brunch Spot in Melbourne

Seven Seeds

Melbourne is always known for its amazing coffee and cafes – no question about the high standards. The coffee-and-cafes scene is well-known to be outstanding. With that said, there are definitely places better than the rest, and Seven Seeds is one of them.

Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee, Melbourne

The industrial-chic cafe is located on Berkeley Street, slightly up north from Queen Victoria market. They start brewing coffee from 7AM and I, being slightly paranoid that there was going to be a long line, planned to get there at 7AM sharp. Unfortunately, fate decided otherwise and I didn’t make it that early that day ._.

When I did arrive at Berkeley Street a bit later in the day, I wasn’t sure if I was at the right place because the street was really quiet. It was partly because I didn’t see any line outside any shop, and there wasn’t any visible sign of a cafe either. But as I walked further down the street, I finally saw this “Seven Seeds” sign – phew, I was at the right place 🙂

How Seven Seeds looks like on the inside

You will find a large communal table and a few smaller sets of table inside this hip-looking cafe


I ordered the Eggs and Waffle Benedict and French Toast. They were both amazing, but I particularly liked the eggs bene.

It was easily the best eggs bene that I have ever tried in my life (hands down), mainly due to the sauce. Instead of serving the eggs with normal hollandaise sauce, Seven Seeds spices things up and serves it with Chipotle hollandaise. And I do think it was way better than most hollandaise sauces!

The waffle was also perfectly done – slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Definitely order the eggs and waffle bene if you are at Seven Seeds

After visiting so many cafes in Melbourne, this city is obviously the place to go for good food and coffee. However, in my opinion, Seven Seeds stood out the most. If I am ever in Melbourne again, it would definitely be in my to-go list and no prize given for guessing the food that I would order 🙂

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Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee
Add: 106-114 Berkeley St, 
Carlton, VIC 2053, Australia
Opening hours:
Mon - Sat: 7AM - 5PM
Sun: 8AM - 5PM


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