Ballarat Wildlife Park: See Kangaroos & Wombats Up-close!

One of the highlights from my Australia trip is definitely visiting Ballarat Wildlife Park.

It is an interactive park that allows you to see koalas, kangaroos, wombats (and many more animals) from up-close. Some of the animals are roaming freely so you can actually hand-feed them, like the kangaroos and emus.

Ballarat Wildlife Park, Melbourne

Ballarat Wildlife Park
“Hey, what are you doing? Feed me already!”

Currently they have about 400 species of animals in the 37 acres of natural bush land (Wikipedia).

While you are there, don’t forget to visit Patrick the Wombat – the oldest and biggest Wombat in the world. He does not entertain visitors anymore, but fret not, the younger generation wombats still do.

Ballarat Wildlife Park
Pay an additional fee of AUD 40 and you will get to hug, play and take pictures with this cutie pie for 15mins.

If you:

  • are going to be in Melbourne for a few days,
  • don’t know what else to do apart from cafe hopping,
  • love animals a lot,

then do yourself a huge favour and visit Ballarat Wildlife Park. You will have such an amazing time there!

Ballarat Wildlife Park

How to get there

I rented a car to get there and it took me about 1.5 hours from downtown Melbourne. You may be wondering how much time would be needed at this park, as you may want to visit other attractions in Ballarat. Honestly speaking, you can probably finish walking around the park in 2 hours, but I actually spent the entire day at this park – simply because I couldn’t get enough of the kangaroos, wombats and alpacas 😉

Alright, I will let the pictures to do the talking now. Feel free to comment if you have any questions about this park 🙂

Ballarat Wildlife Park
“Put me down.. Put me down, huumannn…”
“What are you looking at?” – Tasmanian Devil
“I’m going to eat your hair humannnn!” – Quokka
“All I do is sleep and eat…” – Koala

Ballarat Wildlife Park

Ballarat Wildlife Park
“Yes, can I help you?”

“Hi, do you think I can get some food?”
Ballarat Wildlife Park
Of course, cutie pie!
Meet Jack, my best friend from the Wildlife park. I don’t remember what we were looking at ;p
Do you think we can take pics together?
I promise, just oneee selfie…
Okay let’s forget about the selfie.
Ballarat Wildlife Park
Last but not least, the highlight of this trip – hugging a huge, heavy wombat for a few minutes <3
Ballarat Wildlife Park
Add: 250 Fussell St, Ballarat, VIC 3350.
Opening hours: Mon - Sun 9AM to 5PM
Entrance fee: AUD 33 (Buy online here and get 10% off)


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  1. This park and these animals look amazing – so adorable! Would love to check it out when I visit Australia. Thanks for the amazing post! Keep up the good work 🙂