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Bubbly. Foodies. Aspiring Travelers.

These sum up pretty nicely the three characteristics that Acacia and Olivia have in common. The two bond mostly on weekends, over lazy brunches of eggs benedict and peanut butter waffles, a healthy dose of gossip and lots of travel talk.

Coffee Tea Travels was an idea birthed during one such weekend. They both have travel stories to tell, so why not share – not just with each other but with a larger group of people? And travel stories do not always have to come from faraway lands – A and O have done quite some exploring of their own city (sunny Singapore!) and that alone can already make for many compelling stories ;D

The idea behind the name “Coffee Tea Travels” itself is very simple. After a handful of cafe-hopping trips, the two have come to realize that O always gets white coffee, while A drinks only tea. This difference in their beverage of choice is also a tiny clue to the differences in their personalities. And so just like that, the newly-thought-of blog had a name.

One disclaimer before you read more of this blog: Acacia and Olivia are not full-on travel bloggers, nor do they get sponsored to travel somewhere new every other weekend 😉 They don’t have the kind of revered Instagram lives where they are in Paris this week and New York City the next. They are just your average 20-somethings trying to build lives of their own in a big city. And through this blog, they want to say that ordinary people like them can also travel and experience the best that the world has to offer 🙂

And more than that, they also want this blog to be a community for aspiring travellers like themselves. To meet and exchange stories, to share as each travels her (or his!) own journey, may it be around the world or in one’s own backyard, one trip at a time.

If you are sloughing away at work or in school, counting the days until your next vacation and need some daily sustenance to satisfy your wanderlust, find them on Instagram at @coffeeteatravels for a healthy dose of travel photos. Alternatively, follow them on twitter at @KopiTehTravels for bite-size (or sip-size, if you like!) daily chatter on travel.

To contact us, just fill the form below or send us an email at [email protected]

Come join the Coffee Tea Travels Community and let’s travel the world one cup (or two!) at a time 😉 Cheers!




  1. Hey girls 🙂
    You sound really nice and are talented photographers!
    The fact that you don’t belong to those who get sponsored and can travel wherever they want just make you even nicer 😀
    Keep up your awesome work 🙂

    xox a fellow (overseas) Singaporean

          1. Hey girls!
            Sorry I’m a bit confused – I realised I’m not following your blog anymore (I didn’t unfollow you!) and there’s no button to follow you again? Could you help me out?

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