Tokyo Eats: Gyukatsu Ichi Ni San, Akihabara

Ever wonder what to eat in Tokyo? That question popped in my mind so many times when I was in Tokyo. Yes, there are zillions of options of where to eat in Tokyo, and it’s so hard to decide because everything is good. But if you are around Akihabara, then this definitely has to be the place […]

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Tokyo Eats: Sushi Sukibayashi Jiro Roppongi

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Have you watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a 85-minute documentary about Sushi Sukibayashi Jiro? If you have not, Sushi Sukibayashi Jiro – more familiarly known as ‘just’ Sushi Jiro – is a three Michelin star sushi restaurant in Tokyo’s Ginza district, helmed by Chef Jiro Ono and his eldest son. After watching the show, I wanted to […]

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